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Update on Cleanse 

I wanted to jump on here real quick and comment on the cleanse my mom and I did a few weeks ago. I had cautioned you about doing this cleanse if you have high blood pressure. I said this because my mom had heart palpitations and a significant blood pressure spike while doing this cleanse. However, I want to tell you the rest of the story 3 weeks later.
I told you I had her come off the cleanse on the 3rd day due to these problems. After the initial blood pressure spike on that 3rd day, her blood pressure dropped lower than it normally is which is 145 to 150 on the top and 70 or so on the bottom. It dropped to 135 or so on the top and 65 or so on the bottom. Since then, it has almost consistently ranged around 125 or less on top and 70 or so on bottom. 
She was taking 3 or 4 natural blood pressure lowering supplements and a lot of Magnesium to keep the blood pressure under control, but now is only taking 1 blood pressure lowering supplement and a couple of Magnesium.
So, the cleanse was very beneficial. You just have to listen to your body and don’t overdo. I highly recommend this cleanse. It has been good for me also.
Take care ! 🙂


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