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Brainwashed by Pharmakeia 

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well. It’s hard to believe that we are in the final week of October 2016. Time is flying! Before we know it, we will be welcoming 2017.
I am a few hours late getting this post out. I have a number of things to write about, but nothing came together for me this week. So, I suppose I’m just rambling again today. 
In light of natural health, I’m amazed at the people who are, for lack of a better term, brainwashed by the medical field and the pharmaceutical industry. About a month ago I was asked by someone to evaluate a person they wanted to help. The lady who asked me to do this was going to pay the other lady’s fees for whatever I suggested. So, I met with both ladies and did the evaluation. I made the suggestions for diet and supplementation. I ordered the supplements and got them to her as soon as they came in. 
This lady is looking at psychological prescription drugs if she doesn’t eat right and take proper supplementation. I know she could avoid those mind altering drugs if she would follow my suggestions.
Sadly, we live in a microwave society, where everyone wants a quick fix. They take 2 vitamins and when they don’t see a change, they give up. From what I’ve heard, that is what this lady has done. She has given up after only 3 weeks or so. Those of you who are familiar with natural health, know the supplements are just starting to get in the system at 3 weeks or so. It’s not drugs! Then they want to point fingers and say the natural way doesn’t work. 
On the other hand, I have a client who has a couple of spots and a cyst on her breast. When this was discovered she came to me for help. She wants to deal with it naturally. I evaluated her and gave my suggestions. And to my knowledge, she is following everything to the letter. I re-evaluate every week and according to muscle testing, the spots and cyst are shrinking. That’s the stories that are encouraging. I can work with someone who has a made up mind.
The brainwashing of the medical/pharmaceutical industry blows my mind. I know one lady who is on thyroid drugs, and is scared out of her mind to try a natural supplement that is harmless. She is ok with the drugs that are causing other problems in her body, but the natural stuff scares her. That’s the power of pharmakeia (sorcery). 
I appreciate the doctors, like those who spoke at The Truth About Cancer symposium, who are willing to see beyond what they learned in medical school. God gave us everything we need to help our bodies heal naturally. Drugs are man made. My body doesn’t need something manufactured in a lab, it needs God given minerals, herbs, essential oils, and foods. I’m so thankful God showed my family and I a better way to health. We were as brainwashed as anyone else just 6 years ago. Now we know better, so we do better.
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Kombucha, The Truth About Cancer, & Upcoming Posts 

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great week. It has been summer here again this week, but we have cooler temps in the forecast. We’re excited about that for sure!
I have been trying to like Kombucha for over a year. I like the health benefits it offers, but I really don’t like the taste. I tolerate the Synergy blends that I purchase at Whole Foods, but I don’t just love it. I bought some from a friend who makes her own. It wasn’t flavored and I didn’t care for it either. I bought a muscadine flavored Kombucha from a Mississippi brewer and I liked it. 
So, after all that, I decided to try my hand at brewing my own Kombucha. I purchased my scoby and got it going. I didn’t think it would take but a week to ferment. However, since it was my first brew, it did take longer.
I purchased pH strips to test the acidity. I couldn’t stomach tasting it as my friend and Kombucha coach suggested. 🙂 I eventually did have to taste because I was unsure of the pH reading. I had to let it ferment for 2 weeks. Honestly, I possibly should have left it longer, because it tastes really good. It’s not supposed to taste that good in my experience. 🙂
I flavored it with fresh muskadines when I bottled it. I let it set for 3 more days to acquire the carbonation. After that I refrigerated it and am enjoying it. It’s the best I’ve ever had. I don’t say that because I made it, it really makes itself. I’m thinking of starting my next brew today.
I have already talked about The Truth About Cancer live symposium, but I wanted to put in another plug for this wonderful presentation. It was mind blowing to say the least. I strongly encourage everyone to participate in every event produced by The Truth About Cancer teem. They produce a wealth of life saving information. I can’t say enough good about what they are doing. Check it out!
Leading up to the Christmas holidays I plan to do some posts on essential oils. I think you will be amazed at some of the information I have come across. So, stay tuned for that.
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The Truth About Cancer Symposium 

Hello everyone! I wanted to jump on here real quick and encourage you, if you haven’t already, check out The Truth About Cancer Symposium. It started yesterday and continues through tomorrow. It has been awesome! Catch the replays if you have missed it and be sure to tune in tomorrow. It will be well worth your time. I have enjoyed it so much that I purchased the recorded version. I fully  endorse The Truth About Cancer!

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Vacation & Book Promotion 

Happy Fall y’all! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. It’s so nice here. We are loving the beautiful Fall weather. 
This past weekend my family and I took a trip to our neighboring State of Arkansas. We left Friday morning planning to drive to Eureka Springs, AR. We were taking the scenic route, so a 7 or 8 hour drive was more like a 10 hour drive. 
We retraced the route we took 31 years ago when I was 7. Back then we were going to see the Great Passion Play and on to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. This time we were going to tour the Holy Land replica on the grounds of the Great Passion Play.
The Holy Land tour was neat. We saw a replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle exactly the size it was in those days. The only other exact replica is in Israel. We saw a replica of an inn like the one that was full when Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem. We also saw a replica of the stable where they stayed and Jesus was born. Our modern nativities are no where close to depicting the birth of Jesus correctly. The stable was like a cave and the manger was made of limestone with hay in the middle.
We saw a replica of the Sea of Galilee. We also saw replicas of the upper room where Jesus and His disciples partook of the last supper, the innkeeper’s house, and the empty tomb. It was a very neat tour.
All of that was on Saturday. Let’s go back to Friday. On our scenic route, we pass an Amish store in Dermott, AR. We love to stop and purchase jellies and such. They also have a deli where they use the homemade breads, pickles, etc. to make delicious sandwiches. So, we enjoyed lunch there. 
Our next stop was in Hot Springs, AR. We walked down the Main Street where the famous bath houses are located. There is a fountain in front of them where the water that comes out is naturally hot. It felt hotter than our hot water at home. It was neat.
From Hot Springs we headed north on Arkansas’ Scenic 7. We stopped again a few miles down the road at a roadside park where we have stopped a number of times. Now, all that is there is 2 outhouses, an old well pump (or what’s left of it), picnic tables, and you guessed it, A CREEK. It’s a neat place.
Many years ago upon stopping at this roadside park, my mom thought she would be funny and take my photo coming out of the outhouse. I have never forgotten that. So, I was waiting and ready when she made her exit this time. Revenge sure is sweet!
We traveled on down the road stopping at scenic overlooks along the way. As the day went on we began looking for a place to eat supper. After coming down a high mountain with lots of crooks and turns, we landed in Jasper, AR. We found the Ozark Cafe and decided to stop and eat. I forgot to mention that the weather was very cool in this area. In fact it was 39 degrees in Jasper that night. 
After leaving the cafe, we decided we would like to stay the night there. We were only an hour from Eureka Springs, so we found a room and stayed. We fell in love with Jasper. In fact, we traveled back to Jasper to stay on Saturday night as well. That will not be our last visit there.
Jasper is a small town surrounded by mountains. The Buffalo National River flows through it and there are lots of hiking trails and places to enjoy nature. It reminds me of a western town in the mountains. It’s so nice.
We traveled back home on Sunday. We have a couple of more trips planned this year. So, I’ll keep you posted on those.
I purchased a book written by a friend of mine last week and almost read the whole book in one evening. The book is titled “Apple Cider Vinegar on the Homestead” and is written by Rhonda Crank of This is a tremendous book on the history and current uses of ACV. After reading the book, I felt like turning up the bottle of raw, organic, unfiltered ACV and guzzling it. ACV has amazing health benefits for both us and our animals. I highly recommend this book and give it my full endorsement. I will be using it as a reference book for years to come. You can purchase Rhonda’s book at the following sites:
Please visit these sites and support a fellow homesteader. Rhonda is doing a tremendous job promoting natural health information and sustainability. I admire her greatly.
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Tragedy, Headache, Garden, & Miss Priss’ Diet 

Hey y’all! Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Fall weather. We sure are! It is a little hot today, but it has been very nice until today.
We had a tragedy on the homestead Sunday. Snowflake, our 5 month old baby goat, has been sickly all of her short life. Over the past 2 weeks or so I have gotten involved more in her care. It brought back the really sad memories of Kami, another baby goat I took under my wing. As with Kami, nothing we did for Snowflake helped. I hated to see her suffer. I prayed and asked God to heal or help me heal her, or to just let her go to sleep peacefully. I prayed that prayer Saturday night. Sunday Snowflake left us. It appeared as if she just went to sleep. It was very sad. God answered my prayer, but it was still hard.
A friend recommended that I blog about my headache experience from last week. I thought it was a good idea, so here goes. Sunday, September 25th I awoke in the early morning hours with a headache. I used to have headaches really bad before learning how to eat properly and supplement. This particular morning it was bad. I applied peppermint oil to my head, which usually works. It didn’t this time. I knew I had church and needed to be able to function there. I play the keyboard and sing, so it’s important to be able to think.
I resorted to the unthinkable. In those early hours I took a half of a migraine pain killer. It did nothing. I took 2 more halves over 2 or 3 hours. None of them did any good.I made it through church, came home and ate, and went to bed. Before I ate I checked my blood pressure because of the pain killers. It was high, so I took 3 blood pressure lowering Ayurvedic herbs over a couple of hours time. I was also taking Magnesium. 
I dealt with this headache until Wednesday. I didn’t take anymore pain killers. Wednesday night I ran 2 or 3 inches of hot water in my bathtub. I added three fourths of a pint of Dead Sea salt to the water and laid in it. I made sure to submerge my head as much as possible. I soaked for 20 to 30 minutes. Then I put my face in it as much as I could. I am not exaggerating when I tell you I got out of the bathtub pain free and haven’t had a headache since. Now I know what to do first thing if I have another headache.
On the gardening end of things, I don’t think I’m going to have a Fall garden after all. My plants aren’t doing well, and I need to work on remineralizing my soil. So, that’s my plan going forward. 
Miss Priss is doing better with her new raw diet. The nice people at BARF World have been very helpful. I think this is a great company. 
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