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Catching Up On the New Babies 

I hope you all have had a blessed and healthy week. Last week I told you we were expecting new babies that very day. I believe I did write to say they were born. I promised you a picture, but we have had a hard time getting a good one. I have one now, however.  
We are still bottle feeding the baby whose mother couldn’t feed her. She is very spoiled to say the least.She has been the happiest and most playful baby goat we have had. She’s definitely the friendliest. They are all a lot of fun.
I will get back to health later, but this week I just wanted to catch you up on the goat news. For more information on Homestead Nutrition, to make an appointment, or to purchase supplements, email me at Have a blessed and healthy week.


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EMFs, The New Silent Killer 

I hope everyone has had a good week. It has been pretty good on our homestead. At this very moment, we are anxiously awaiting the birth of baby goats. We expect them to arrive either tonight or tomorrow, but likely tonight. I will be sure to share pictures when I am able.

I would like to share a little information with you about the dangers of Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs). EMFs are responsible for a number of health related issues today. They cause cancer, miscarriages, infertility, headaches, etc., and ultimately lead to death. We are exposed to EMFs on a daily basis. If you have a cellular telephone, cordless telephone,electric meters, computers, Internet, etc., in your home or are exposed to these things, you are exposed to EMFs.Time doesn’t permit me to discuss all of the areas in which we are exposed, but I do want to talk briefly about cell phones.
Cell phones emit disruptive electro-magnetic signals that can potentially damage the human cells and deform the DNA.It is known that EMFs disrupt brain waves causing: stress, headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbance, muscle pain, and much more.
Expectant mothers should NEVER have their cell phones near their stomach. Men should NEVER carry their cell phones in their pocket. I’m trying to be discrete, but you can do the research to learn the damage that can be done. No one, especially children, should hold a cell phone to their ear. It will cause brain tumors. Read your cell phone handbook, it’s in there. Use speaker phone or air tube headsets. 
There is also another alternative which I personally use. It’s called Safe-Connect Plus. It’s a small dot that adhesives to my phone. These EMF resonance shields have been imprinted with over 200 frequencies that are harmonious and beneficial to the human body. these shields have been tested to transform the radio/microwaves,which stream out of our appliances and cell phones, into harmonious encoded energy waves that actually strengthen balance and energize the body.
It is best to keep the cell phone out of the bedroom, especially if it isn’t shielded. If you must have it with you while you sleep, it would be best to put it on airplane mode.
Please don’t give your child a cell phone to play with. It’s like giving them a poisonous snake (in more ways than one). 
EMFs are the “new silent killer” in our generation. You would have to go live in a very remote area to totally avoid them. But, we can do our best to limit our exposure.I just want you to be aware of the dangers. You owe it to yourself and future generations to take every precaution.
For more information about Homestead Nutrition or to make an appointment or order supplements, email me at Have a blessed and healthy week!

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Baby Kenny’s Story

I hope everyone is having a healthy week. It feels like Spring is in the air today in MS, but it will be cold again by the weekend. One thing about MS, if you don’t like the weather today, hang around, it will be different tomorrow. 
I would like to share Baby Kenny’s story with you this week. Baby Kenny was in foster care when he came for a session with me at age 6 or 7 weeks.I checked him for trapped emotions that could cause sickness in his body. I only found one trapped emotion. It was abandonment. I released the trapped emotion of abandonment, and immediately Baby Kenny began to smile. The other adults in the room, as well as myself,   were amazed. Some were moved to tears. It was pretty amazing!
I haven’t seen Baby Kenny or heard anything about his health since then. I do know he was adopted into a good home where he will not feel abandoned anymore.
For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment or purchase supplements, email me at Have a healthy and blessed week!

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Anita’s Story

I hope everyone has had a healthy and blessed week! This week, I would like to share Anita’s story with you.
Anita came to me in early 2015, with female issues. She menstruated about once a year. She was thirty-six at the time and she really wanted to have a baby.
I had three or four sessions with her, removing an enormous number of trapped emotions, getting her on the right supplements, and adjusting her diet. I even used a therapeutic grade magnet (by Nikken) to open her conception meridian.
I believe my last session with Anita was in September or October 2015. At that time she had begun menstruating. I talked to her on the telephone Monday evening, and her cycle is regular and her total health is much improved. We are just waiting to see what comes next.👶🏼☺️
For more information about Homestead Nutrition or to make an appointment, email me at God bless and have a happy and healthy week!