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Dangers of Vitamin A, D, & Fish Oil

Recently, I have been learning about Vitamins A, D, E, and more about fish oil. I would like to share some of the information with you.

I have probably expressed my opinion about fish oil before, but I want to reiterate the dangers. I have promoted Vitamin D and downplayed Vitamin E. I have never studied or promoted Vitamin A other than when promoting a multivitamin. I have clear opinions on all of these at this point.

Vitamin A is not a vitamin. It is a hormone. It is also one step up from a poison, and in reality, technically, it really is a poison. It causes liver disease and cranial hypertension. I always wondered why Vitamin A gave me a headache, now I know. It’s the cranial hypertension.

Chemotherapy is basically a form of Vitamin A. People with skin problems have been prescribed Retin-A and other Vitamin A poisons. We have thought, because it is Vitamin A, it is good for us. Wrong!

I highly recommend avoiding supplements containing Vitamin A. I would suggest avoiding foods high in A, but it would severely limit our diet. I do discourage carrot juice, liver, and recommend limiting dairy. I just promoted a multivitamin and was even taking it myself. When I would take it, my head would hurt. I figured it was the A since I’ve never been able to take A. Needless to say, neither I, nor my family will be taking this multivitamin.

I have been a strong advocate of Vitamin D3 5000IU for years. I have even shook my head and argued when muscle testing showed that I or whoever I was testing didn’t need D. Everyone is Vitamin D deficient, right? That was what I had been taught. Well, I no longer argue or shake my head. Vitamin D isn’t all it has been cracked up to be. Don’t get me wrong, we must have it, but supplementing is not the way to get it. Does that mean I will not take another D3 supplement? No! I have been taking 1 a week since the days are getting shorter. I will probably start muscle testing before I take even 1.

Both A and D are hormones. You don’t want to disrupt the body’s natural production of hormones of any kind. Both cause Calcium to build up and we do not need Calcium in our arteries and certainly do not want a calcified heart. Calcium is another supplement I highly recommend avoiding. We do NOT need to supplement Calcium! This is another mark against my multivitamin.

Vitamin E is something we do need to supplement, but you have to search for a clean source. All Vitamin E is NOT created equal. The medical field discouraged the use of Vitamin E and began promoting fish oil instead. This should have been our first clue that Vitamin E is good and fish oil is bad. A mainstream medical doctor, nurse practitioner, RN, LPN, etc. has no clue what the body needs when it comes to nutrients/vitamins. And they certainly don’t know which vitamins are clean. We had a nurse practitioner tell my mom to take a certain kind of multivitamin that I would never allow her to take. They aren’t trained in that area. So when they say to take a certain supplement, like fish oil, don’t accept that blindly.

Fish oil is laced with mercury and is rancid. It does more harm than good. We don’t need it. I usually say, “I’m not a fish, I don’t need fish oil.”

So, don’t allow yourself to be drawn into taking things that could harm you. It may, like Vitamin A, make you feel good for a little while, but it won’t last. Be careful! If you want to learn more about this, go to and listen to the podcasts.

Until next time, have a healthy and blessed week!

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Aluminum Foil for EMF Protection & Other EMF Info

Last week I mentioned aluminum foil. However, I totally forgot to mention its use in blocking EMFs.

One person said you can put 8 to 12 layers of foil behind a smart meter to block the EMFs. They also said you can wrap the meter in foil. I am not telling anyone to do this, but study it out first.

I do know foil works on cell phones. I personally wrapped my iPhone in aluminum foil and had my mom call me. My phone would not work. I unwrapped it and she called again and it worked fine. So, if you want an inexpensive EMF protector for your phone, use aluminum foil. You can also wrap your internet router or anything else that emits EMFs.

We don’t want to believe it, but it’s true,5G and EMF radiation are the new smoking. New research shows that EMFs coming from your cell phone, WIFI, and cell towers can be just as bad as smoking cigarettes. Don’t believe it? Consider some facts.

1. Top independent scientists argue that EMFs should be classified as a class 1 definite carcinogen next to tobacco and asbestos.

2. Children’s heads absorb twice the radiation compared to adults. regardless of that fact, a 2014 survey showed that up to 75% of 4 year old children already own a cell phone.

3. EMF safety standards have not been updated since 1996, and are based on a two hundred twenty pound adult.

Remember what big tobacco did not so long ago. They spent loads of money to cover up evidence that smoking was bad for you. They were so good that even doctors believed it was safe. Doctors used to smoke with their patients, and even recommended smoking as a cure for sore throat.

In 2019, big wireless has people believe that wireless technologies such as 5G and other EMFs are perfectly safe. Here’s the truth. A major U.S. government study showed that EMFs are a carcinogen just like tobacco and asbestos.

It’s important to protect yourself and your children from these deadly carcinogens. Take the electronics away from them and turn off WIFI. You can’t control the placement of cell towers and such, but you can control what you and your family are exposed to inside your home. I don’t think it’s wise to send your children to schools where they are bombarded with WIFI EMFs all day every day. Protect them as much as you can!

EMFs are causing brain fog, anxiety, irregular heartbeats, inflammation, infertility, and the list goes on. Only time will reveal the measure of health destruction that they will cause in the next generations.

There are several things you can use to protect your home. Visit to find some of the best. I also recommend Safe Connect Plus to purchase EMF protection from. We can’t avoid it since we are surrounded by it, but we can do our best to mitigate it.

Until next time, have a healthy and blessed week!

Healthy Living

Experiences & Information

In this post, I am going to share some experiences and some things I have been hearing over the past weeks. Last week I shared some of my favorite podcasters, and this week I want to give you some things to consider from some of those podcasts.

First, let me share a little of our experience last week in Arkansas. My dad is working in the Russelville, AR area. Mom and I go with him at least once a month. We have 2 days to ramble in the mountains and little towns. Technically, we have 2 half days and 1 whole. So, on that whole day, we hit the scenic highways and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Our destination is usually Harrison, but we have found several ways to get there. This past time was the prettiest ride yet. The weather was so nice at sixty-three degrees. When you consider that in MS it still feels like July in October, you understand our excitement for sixty-three degrees. Mind you, it didn’t stay that cool, but it was around seventy-five most of the day.

In Harrison we have found a couple of really cool health food stores. I may have already mentioned this in a previous post. However, it deems repeating. If you are ever in Harrison, AR, and you need a healthy snack, drink, or supplements, or you’re like us and just like health food stores, visit Nature’s Wonder and Prairie Market.

We ate lunch at Prairie Market. We had organic chicken salad pitas and fresh on tap grape Kombucha. It was all delicious. While we ate, some children entertained with music. They were playing guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and a drum. They did pretty good. I think it’s wonderful to see children doing something like that instead of sitting with an electronic gadget, or glued to a TV.

In Clarksville, AR where we stay, there is another health food store that we really like. It’s called Health Matters. They have supplements and such, and they also serve wraps, sandwiches and smoothies. Their chicken salad wrap is really good. We got a smoothie last week and it was delicious. There is also a health food store in Russelville that’s nice. I think it is called Country Cupboard Health Food Store. We’ve only been there once, but I’m sure we’ll go back.

In Clarksville at Health Matters we met a lady working there who has a sister that we know. Her sister lives about thirty miles or so from us. Then, at Nature’s Wonder in Harrison we met a lady working there who lived about eight or ten miles from us for five years. Small world!

Moving into the info I’ve been hearing, we have all heard of grounding. It has been brought to my attention that it matters where you ground. Be sure you don’t ground around electric lines above or below ground, electric meters, or any other sources of dirty electricity. It’s best to get a meter to test your area to determine a safe place to ground.

We have heard for years that aluminum is bad for us, and that’s true. However, some health researchers are finding that standing on aluminum foil for a short time (1 to 5 minutes), is better than grounding, especially in light of dirty electricity. I haven’t found enough information on this to be convinced, but I have tried it. One health expert I trust has his children doing this every night. I contacted him and he said there is a chemical on the foil that isn’t good for us, but something is always going to be wrong with everything. He seemed to think the good outweighs the bad. I’m not suggesting you do this, but I thought you might want to study it out for yourself.

Until next time, have a healthy and blessed week!