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Things We’re Doing to Prevent Corona

We are living in unprecedented times. We are definitely in uncharted waters, but in the midst of the storm, we know that God is in full control. Nothing escapes His attention. I believe in trusting Him and having faith in Him, and I do. I also believe that faith without works is dead. That’s as much Bible as anything. So,as my family and I trust God and have faith in Him to protect us, here are some things we’re doing to do our part.

We have ramped up our supplementation. We are taking Vitamin C, Zinc, Elderberry, Vitamin D3, along with our regular supplements. I also recommend Echinacea. We are also using essential oils such as Eden’s Garden Fighting Five and Young Living Thieves. We made our own hand sanitizer with these oils and a couple other ingredients.

If anyone in our home has to go out in public for any reason, we all do an oil steam treatment. We put 2 or 3 drops of oregano or peppermint oil in a boiler with water and heat until there is steam. We create a tent with a towel over our head as we stand over the steaming boiler. We breathe the steam and oil. They say heat kills this virus, so we hope the steam up our nose will kill any germs. We do this for 5 minutes. My grandfather, who is eighty-seven, loves this treatment. He says he is going to keep doing it after the virus is over. He said it has expanded his lung capacity.

We are practicing the fifteen day stay at home request made by President Trump. We only leave our home when necessary. We do grocery pickup. By the way, Walmart in our town did an excellent job on our first ever grocery pickup. We are also scheduled for a pickup at Kroger and hope it goes as well as that one did.

We have accomplished a lot on the homestead. The gardens are almost ready to plant…some stuff has already been planted. We’ve stayed busy and enjoyed our time. If it wasn’t for the fear of the virus, I would say it’s ok to stay like this. But, I don’t like having to worry about getting sick. I personally sanitize every item entering our house before it goes in the door. That includes mail, groceries, deliveries, etc. That part I don’t like. I would rather not have to worry about that. Other than that, I feel safe on our homestead.

I hope you are well and doing all you can to stop the spread of this virus. Those of you who are blessed to live on farms, enjoy this time working on the farm. Get outside and get your hands dirty and your bare feet on the ground. Grounding is great for the immune system. Sunshine is also very important. Have a healthy and blessed week!