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Nature’s Symphony in 432 

Hello everyone! Hope your week is going well. We have been experiencing a lot of rain here, but we have been blessed to have not been affected by the tornadoes that have ravaged some areas in our State. 
I told you last week that we were expecting baby goats any time. Well, sadly, we had a tragedy on the homestead. The baby buck was born Monday. He was very big and his mother had a very difficult time delivering him. My dad wasn’t here and my mom is too squeamish for such things. I don’t like gross stuff either, but I have said, if the mother’s life is in danger, I’ll try to help. Well, I tried, but to no avail. 
My mom had called my grandparents to come help. It takes them thirty to forty-five minutes to get here. By the time they arrived, the baby was born and wasn’t alive. I told them I probably killed it, but mom thinks it was dead before I did anything. So, we have a sad mamma goat. She’s getting around slowly after such a traumatic delivery. This is the part of goat farming I do not like. I don’t like dying or selling. 
Last week I said we would talk about the proper tuning of music as it relates to health. My information is lengthy, so I may not cover it all in this post. I’ll cover as much as I can today, and pick up the remainder next week.
Recently,a popular gospel music group, the Isaacs, released a CD tuned to 432htz. Immediately, this peaked my interest since this is nature’s vibration/tuning pitch. Our music today is tuned to 440htz. This has been the standard tuning pitch for around one hundred years.
Becky, a member of the Isaacs, stepped out into her yard one day and recorded nature on her iPhone. Of course she picked up birds singing, but she also picked up something she didn’t recognize. She immediately sent the recording to another singer/musician, Gordon Mote, who is blind and has perfect pitch. He was surprised that she captured this little known sound which was nature’s vibration in 432htz.
I began to dig into this amazing phenomenon. God didn’t leave out anything when creating us and our environment, even down to the proper tuning of our music. Here are some amazing facts regarding 432htz. Everyone has been affected by a mother’s lullaby. From the very second of conception the mother’s influence, the soft tones and rhythms of her heartbeat entrain the multiplying cells to an intelligent level. The mother’s voice can penetrate through her bones to the intrauterine world. The beat of her heart tells the cells to begin their journey into identity. The heart cells begin to beat within the embryo and that beating is the influence that instructs the other cells to become bones or toes, eyes or ears. It is the entrainment to the mother’s rhythms that form the body of her baby, and the entrainment of the heart to every cell to further that work.
Even on a cellular level vibrations are felt. The nervous system can be tuned like a musical instrument. Vibrations are sensed through nerves in the skin and can be felt viscerally. Sound travels well along bones. The human is the most intricate system of cycles, communication devices, relays and connections, and it is all controlled through vibrations.Nothing else on Earth parallels it. To aid in the health of this machine running at ultimate performance, the correct tuning of the instrument is critical. That tuning is 432htz, a vibration that ties into the speed of light.The body’s structures and rhythms are harmonics of a fundamental sound. Man himself is an instrument of music and when the chords of which he is composed are touched and salute the ear, the sounds appeal to his spirit and the sentiment to his understanding. The brain receives more stimuli from the ears than any other organ. The skin is derived from cells that become ear tissue rather than vice versa. The ear preceded the nervous system.
In my field of study, we are upset about toxins in the air, additives in our food, interference by the government and Monsanto and many other detrimental factors that weaken our bodies, limit our health and happiness and destroy our children’s health and our civilization. However, who would have thought that perhaps the greatest influence on our physical lives came about by a simple change in a tuning pitch that has affected and altered the lives of millions and their health and happiness. Without even realizing it, this silent enemy has destroyed brain cells and stem cells, as well as DNA, while we sit silently by becoming more infected and affected by the second.
This altered frequency is everywhere. All frequency has been tuned to it, or out of tune, since the early part of the twentieth century. Little did we know that the most extreme poison is something we cannot lock our doors to, nor close our minds to. It’s in airwaves, cell phones, doorbells, school bells, all music, etc. You can’t wear ear plugs to block it, it penetrates through the skin. Some say this invader was set in place by Rockefeller and Rothschild, while others say the Nazis brought it in as a way to manipulate their prisoners. Until the late 1800s standard tuning was 432htz. Then it was changed to 440htz. In 1922, the 440htz tuning was adopted in the U.S., and by 1956, it was the worldwide standard. Very few accomplished musicians have the slightest clue why they tune to 440htz, let alone what happens when they do. The tuning system affects you in a detrimental fashion every day.It upsets the natural rhythm of the body. If different sound patterns, vibrational frequencies, enter into the organs of the body, the harmonious relationship gets upset. If these frequencies are weak in the vibration, they will be overcome in the stronger vibrations of the native ones. If the foreign ones prove to be the stronger, they may establish their dishharmonious pattern in the organ, bone, tissue, etc., and this is what we call disease.
DNA replicates at 432htz, so you can only imagine why there are so many problems with the human body because it is so constantly exposed to something that is designed to scramble the frequency. In war time scrambling frequencies was a common practice by the enemy to allow filtration and it is obviously war time here. DNA is cosmic musical score operating triplets of rhythm at over eighty thousand beats per minute. All frequencies affect DNA and consciousness and DNA responds to the environment both local and non-local. Changing frequency may also change the electric potential of the brain which may alter and affect memory and perception by the slight change within the water in our cells. Not surprisingly, the ratio of atoms making up a DNA molecule is 4:3:2. 
Prior to harmful vaccines, the prime medicine for health and healing was sunlight. The incredibly powerful rays of the sun in a measured and fixed wave length have been known to cure a multitude of ailments. Sunlight causes the body to relax, to respond to the organs in a harmonious fashion. The body is designed to respond to rhythms produced in the heavens by the synchronicity of the planets in their orbits. Research proved that the change in vibration would cause a disease in the human body. Sufficient research indicates that sounds which are dischorded and disharmonic have damaging affects on the brain. It affects the ability for the brain to make synapsis (bridges). Sound seems to be a powerful and direct way to touch the brain and the nerves. Harmonic tuning, which is singing in the natural key, seems to affect not only the cranium and the entire brain, but also the primary respiratory rate and the flow of cerebral spinal fluid through the cranium. Cerebral spinal fluid seems to have an overall affect on the health and wellness of an individual.
What can you do to protect yourself from 440htz? You could always move to a remote location in the mountains, which would be very cool in my opinion. 🙂 However, you can return your life to 432htz in a number of ways. Spend a great deal of time out in nature.Not only is it invigorating to be out of doors, but everything in nature is tuned to the frequencies of the sun and moon. Plants grow in the divine proportion because of the frequency of the sun. Your body and your entire system are designed to vibrate in a harmonious frequency with the heavens. You can charge the vortex of the brain, reduce respiration and heart rate, lower your brain wave activity just by exposing yourself to the correct frequency. That’s why being outside among the birds, bees, flowers, and trees will make you feel healthier. Songbirds have the ability to grow new cells in the brain, and you can too. Get out of the house and office. The light bulbs are detrimental to your health. The send waves that vibrate at the wrong frequency. Fluorescent light bulbs are really bad news for your body. Sunlight will off set that the fastest.
Sing acappella. The human voice is the most powerful instrument in the world. Your body will naturally tune to 432htz. If you’ve ever sung acappella you know you might start in one key and end in another. Our high school ensemble experienced this as we practiced to sing acappella in the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) student convention. This was our bodies wanting to return to the natural state of 432htz. If you have enough people around you who can sing, hum in harmony. You will be absolutely amazed at how it makes your body feel. The more harmony, the more overtones and the electricity in the room magnifies very high. You can feel your body come alive along with the voices of the others singing with you. Singing is very powerful. Nature is a great place to practice vocal exercises and is very forgiving. You might even find that birds are singing with you and plants are motioning your way.
Eat more raw foods. Raw foods are still alive and their colors indicate their high vibrational and healing levels. They all respond to the sunlight and are a secondary source of that healthy vibration to assist your entire body into health and harmony.
Tune your stringed instruments to 432htz. Find a piano tuner that will do the work. It costs the same amount of money and you will be doing yourself and everyone who hears a favor. Recalibrate all your music to 432htz. Stop listening to your CDs until you have retuned them. You will find that it will make a physical change in you. It may not be evident at first, though there are people who can immediately tell the difference. It will alleviate depression over a period of time. Since the harmful tuning brought disease to your body, the natural frequency will begin to mend the problem over time. The more exposure to natural frequencies the body experiences, the faster the healing. Music tuning in the wrong key actually causes the vocal cords to wear out early. When you return to the natural frequency of the body, healing actually occurs in the throat. Get proactive! 
Whew! I got it all in this post! There are a couple of apps I would like to bring to your attention in regard to 432htz. There is a 432 Player app which converts your Apple and iTunes music to 432htz. I have downloaded it and really like it. There is also a 432 Tuner app that can be used to tune musical instruments to 432htz. I also have this app. I have not been able to use it with electronic instruments such as my keyboard, but it will work great with acoustic instruments. For example, in tuning an acoustic guitar, you would use the 432 Tuner to tune the A string to 432htz since A=432. Then you can tune your remaining strings based on that. It’s really amazing and the music is so relaxing. 
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Expecting Baby Goats & My Visit with a Client 

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going great. It is very warm here, kind of feels like Spring. I don’t know where winter has gone. 
Last Saturday, the 14th, was my 39th birthday, so we had a weekend of celebrating. Other than that, there isn’t a lot going on around here right now. We are expecting baby goats anytime. That’s always exciting! 
I want to share a little bit of an experience with a client. In sharing these stories I try to be discrete to protect the privacy of the client. This person came to me with blood pressure problems. I did the routine examination on him and found several things that were out of sync in his body for various reasons. 
I found a problem with his heart. We narrowed it down to a few things including some emotional issues which occurred a decade ago. This wasn’t surprising since I see this type of thing often. What blew us all away was while we were sitting in my office going through all of this, his phone rang. It was the people who had been involved in the situation a decade ago wanting to set a time to talk things out. If my client wasn’t convinced that we were on target by then, he was after that call. It was mind blowing even for me. 
I saw this client on a Monday. I received at text from him on Friday with his blood pressure reading which was amazing. I could not tell him to get off his medication, but just said what I would do if it were me and left it for him to decide. He purchased an Ayurvedic supplement from me that has been very successful in lowering both my mom’s and my own blood pressure. He had already dropped down to a half of a blood pressure pill daily, but wanted to get off completely. So, when he sent me his reading that Friday, my first question was, “Is this with or without medication?” It was without medication. He was only taking the supplement. That was exciting!
The more I see in my clients and the more I hear regarding the medical field, the more I’m convinced that the natural way is the right way. Just this week I heard that a girl my age, who recently suffered a stroke, had just had a hysterectomy prior to the stroke. They are thinking a hormone she was taking caused the stroke. Now she’s really messed up likely due to medical error. Sadly, there are thousands, maybe even millions, of stories just like hers. When we go back to God’s way, the natural way, we will see better results. God didn’t leave us without attending to every little detail. He was concerned about us even down to the proper tuning of our music, which we’ll discuss next week.
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Sleet & Snow

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going great. We’re having a warm week and it’s looking like rain. However, last Friday we were blessed with sleet and snow! Mom and I were so excited. My 83 year old grandma was looking so forward to getting snow that she got a carrot for her snowman’s nose. Unfortunately, we did not get enough snow for building snowmen. Living in MS, we’re just happy to get something. 🙂 
I’m going to share some snow photos with you at the end of this post. I’m a little under the weather today, so we’ll get back to health topics later.
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New Year’s thoughts & Goals 

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a happy New Year! I’m sure everyone has at least thought of a New Year’s resolution. Most of us just have a thought and the rest make it a couple of days. While I don’t advocate making resolutions, the new year is a good time to make a fresh start.
Some of the people I’m associated with are starting weight watchers. I don’t endorse these types of diets. I think a diet rich in organic, non-GMO, Whole Foods is the best weight watchers plan. When we rid our diet of breads, sugar, sodas, processed foods, unhealthy fats, preservatives, sugar substitutes, etc., we will lose weight and become healthy to boot. With weight watchers, you can still eat garbage as long as you don’t exceed your daily points. That’s not healthy. Not to mention, it is expensive. The same people who join weight watchers complain that eating healthy costs too much.
In this new year I know of areas I need to focus on in my life. I need to lose weight, exercise, etc. I will work on it from a healthy standpoint, not a diet. Some of my other goals are to get a website going, establish more clients, get a new building for Homestead Nutrition, etc. 
If you have health topics you would like for me to address on this blog, feel free to email me at the email address below. I have plenty of material, but I want to help you at the level of your need. In the meantime, let’s work hard to make 2017 the healthiest year ever. We can do this by cleaning up our diet, exercising, thinking healthy thoughts, speaking healthy words, being positive, supplementing correctly, drinking lots of water, ridding ourselves of drugs (legal & illegal), removing negative influences from our lives, and on and on I could go.We can become a healthy and happy people if we are willing to work at it.
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