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Update on the BARF Diet & the IPhone 7

Happy Fall y’all! I hope this finds you well and enjoying your week. We are very much enjoying our cooler temperatures. It’s so nice!
I told you last week that I was transitioning Miss Priss to a raw whole foods diet from a company called BARF World. Well, I thought this would be a much easier transition since she had already been eating some raw food. Quite the contrary, I have had to work at it with her. She is very picky and a “little” spoiled. The good news is she’s eating it with some encouragement. 
BARF World sent what they consider to be the sure fire way to get the dogs to eat the diet. It is liver sprinkles. Of course, with Miss Priss, nothing that is a winner for everyone else will be with her. My sure fire way to get her to eat the food has been putting some coconut oil on it. Also, pan searing for a few seconds has worked. Both methods are recommended by BARF World. So, after a week of experimenting, I think we are on to something.
As you know, the new IPhone 7 has been unveiled. Along with it comes more health concerns. It has no headphone jack, which means a Bluetooth set will be required. This puts the dangerous cancer causing radio frequencies and electromagnetic frequencies right next to the brain. This can only lead to more brain tumors and other cancers.
You have read my opinion and studies on EMFs, so I won’t go back through all of that. I just want to sound another warning to be extremely careful with electronic gadgets. Please keep them out of the hands of children as they disrupt normal growth, cognitive ability, brain maturity, etc., etc., etc., 
If you have a child that is struggling in school or other areas in life, you might want to evaluate his/her exposure to electronics including cell phones, tablets, computers, video games, and television. While electronics are fun and even educational, they are extremely harmful to our health and the proper development of our children.It’s like giving them a snake to play with and hoping it doesn’t bite them. Don’t blame the child if they can’t function properly in school or in life in general. Get to the root of the matter. See what they are being exposed to on a daily basis.
When using.  Cell phones, use speaker as much as possible. Get an air tube headset. Use the phone on as low of power as possible. Use EMF protection on all electronics. Don’t use baby monitors on your babies. These are just a few precautions you can take. Visit and read Dr. Mercola’s articles on this subject. He is more of an expert than I.
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Canning & BARF World 

Hey y’all! Hope everyone is having a good week. Things are pretty good here. It’s getting cooler and that’s worth rejoicing over. 🙂 
My dad bought forty pounds of sweet potatoes last week. So, my mom has been freezing some and canning some. I helped slice them, but wasn’t able to do much else. This was Mom’s first time to pressure can anything. 
Mom is planning to can the butter beans and peas that we harvested from our garden this year. We have them frozen now, but since we never know when the electrical grid may go down, we think it wise to can them. We want to start canning everything. It’s just the smart thing to do in light of world affairs.
I have been wanting to transition Miss Priss (my chihuahua) to a raw whole foods diet for some time. I’ve heard podcasts about this and know people who feed it to their dogs. I finally just did it. The food comes from a company called BARF World. Visit their website at My 4 month supply arrived today. So, Miss Priss will have her first meal of it tonight. I’ll let you know how she adjusts. I’m sure she will like it since I have already been feeding her some raw organic beef along the way.
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Hey y’all! How is your week going? Hopefully all is well. It is definitely starting to feel like Fall around here. It’s still hot, but Fall is in the breeze.
My tomato plants are still producing somewhat. The same is true of my cucumbers. I did pull up one of my tomato plants this morning. It was pretty much dead. I left it to decompose in my garden. 
I think I’m going to let my parents plant my Fall plants in their garden so I can remineralize the soil in my garden over the Fall and winter seasons. I need to build my garden up some so my plants don’t drown if we get a lot of rain again next summer.
If you live in our area and are interested, we have some goats for sale. We just have too many and would like to see some of ours go to a good home. You can email me if you are interested. We have a couple of pieces of furniture for sale too, since I’m putting in a pitch. 🙂 We have a glass top dining table with 6 chairs and a computer desk. Again, email if you are interested.
We’ll get back to health later. If you have any organic gardening tips you would like to share, please feel free to do so. I have been listening to the Organic Gardener Podcast, which is very interesting and helpful. I highly recommend this podcast.
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Hey y’all! How are you doing this week? Hope you’re having a good week. We are feeling Fall in the air here, for which we are thankful. The garden has been fun, but we are very tired of the heat.
We had a good time on our trip this past weekend. We left Brookhaven Friday morning and traveled most of the day. We take our own food for lunch and snacks, and for breakfast if the hotel doesn’t supply it. We eat in a restaurant one time a day on our trips. We try to find “Mom & Pop restaurants” where ever we go. I said all of that to say, we picnicked along the way Friday.
We arrived in Lawrenceburg, TN Friday evening. We ate supper at the Kuntry Kitchen and then rode around the Amish community. Saturday we spent the majority of the day riding through Amish country. We would stop if they had signs out advertising their goods. We bought tomatoes, green beans, jelly, pickles, candles, homemade soap, bread, and yes, even homemade fried pies. I know, that’s not healthy, but it was vacation! 🙂 
As we drove along, we came upon a creek flowing across the road. If you have read my blog long at all you know I love creeks. So, of course, we had to stop and get our feet wet. The water was freezing cold! 
That evening before leaving the area, we ate at Edna’s Cafe. Then we headed down the road toward Kentucky. We stayed in the suburbs of Nashville that night and traveled the rest of the way to Williamstown, KY the next morning. We arrived at the Ark Encounter around 1pm on Sunday. There were thousands of people there. They were expecting 5,000 people, but my dad said there were probably 10,000 there. The ark left a lasting impression. We highly recommend it. 
We left the Ark Encounter at 5pm and drove back to the same place we stayed the night before, just outside Nashville. We drove home on Monday.
It was a fun trip. I’ll share photos below. We’ll get back to health later.
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I wanted to jump on here real quick to see if I can get some suggestions from any of you regarding laundry. We make our own laundry detergent. We do our best to avoid toxic chemicals in our laundry and cleaning supplies. However, our white clothes look pretty dingy. Do any of you have suggestions for making whites white and stain removal for all laundry? If so, leave a comment or email me at
We’re excited about vacation! We have people who will be here caring for our animals and gardens. So, we can have a good time knowing all is safe and cared for on the farm. I’ll share photos and tell you about our trip next week. Until then, take care! 

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The Breast Cancer & Teeth Connection 

Hey y’all! Hope you’re enjoying your week. We are getting things done in preparation for a weekend away. So, everyone is making sure all loose ends are tied up.
We usually go on a 7 to 10 day vacation in July. That was the only time my dad had off work, so that’s when we had to go. We tried to go where the weather was cooler, but inevitably, the heat would follow us. Seriously, there would be a heat wave. At least there was no humidity. 
My parents are retired now, so this year we have split our vacations in to 4 short trips. In June we visited Mansfield, MO, which I have written about already. Our next trip, which is this Friday through Monday, will be to 2 attractions. We will travel first to Lawrenceburg, TN, where we will ride the Amish countryside. We plan to purchase tomatoes and other produce they have available. We love visiting the Amish! From there we will travel to Williamstown, KY, where we will tour the Ark Encounter. This is a life size replica of Noah’s ark. From there we’ll enjoy the countryside as we drive home. I’ll tell you all about it next week.
Now let’s talk about our teeth. There is no safe level of Mercury! It is the most toxic naturally occurring substance on the planet, yet according to the EPA, there is over 1,000 tons of Mercury, from amalgam fillings, in the mouths of Americans. Mercury is treated as a bio-hazardous material in a dental office, but then, the uninformed and unsuspecting patient ends up with a mouth full of amalgam fillings, which are 50% Mercury.
I’m going to focus on the role of toxic teeth in breast cancer, but these principles can be tied to every known disease. Your teeth are living entities that are intricately connected to your blood stream and lymphatic system. Once a tooth is drilled and the enamel is compromised, any substance placed in that tooth is absorbed directly into the body.
Brushing the teeth or chewing releases toxic Mercury vapors into the body. The release of these vapors has an estrogen disrupting affect. Several studies suggest that there is a link between accumulation of transition metals such as Mercury, Nickel, and Cadmium, and the malignant growth process of breast cancer. 
The body is electrical in nature, and the meridian system is one of many systems that act as a conduit of the life energy of the body. Each tooth is connected to an organ via the meridian system. If there is a hunk of metal in a particular tooth, the affect is like sticking a metal object in an electrical outlet. The metal short-circuits the meridian, and in turn can cause stress and fatigue in the associated organ. Most integrative practitioners would agree that there is a correlation between a particular diseased organ or illness and amalgam fillings and root canals. This issue should be addressed if you are on a journey of healing your body. It is very important that you consult with a biological dentist that is associated with professional organizations that support Mercury free dentistry. Understanding the affects of toxic teeth and the burden it creates on the immune system is an essential step in healing and regeneration from breast cancer.
Root canals which fill your mouth with toxic chemicals, can, and do, cause disease, including breast cancer. Two facts are clear in research, 1) The most common causes of all cancers are root canal filled teeth and cavitation sites, and 2) Until a cancer patient gets rid of the root canal filled teeth and cavitations, they do not get well.
Dr Robert Jones did a 5 year study involving over 300 women with breast cancer. He found that 93% of them had root canals. Interestingly, he found that, in the majority of the cases, the cancer tumors were located on the same side of the body as the root canal or other oral pathology. Bacteria start flowing into your blood stream the minute you get the root canal. When a tooth becomes diseased to the point where it cannot be saved with a nontoxic filling or crown, it should be extracted.
Infected teeth threaten your whole body with poor health. The 4th and 5th tooth to the left and right of the center teeth in the upper and lower jaw are connected to the breast meridian. Constant infection caused by a root canal in these teeth can lead to blockages of energy flow in the breast meridian. This phenomenon is very visible in thermography scans (which I highly recommend instead of mammograms).
I actually had a client who had swelling in the foot. We found that it was a tooth on the same side that the foot was swelling that was the problem. So, I have seen this in my own sessions. 

There is more information than I can fit in this post. Bottom line, if you are being proactive with breast cancer prevention, and are on a healing journey, you must address your dental health. Oral health is crucial to full body health!
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