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A Little News & A Little Rant

Hello everyone! This post is going to be a mixture of topics. It’s probably going to be more of a rant in some areas, while others might be just cool things I have been made aware of. So bear with me in my folly.

First of all, a homestead update. Our garden is winding down. We are done with cucumbers and squash. I hate to see them go. We are still harvesting peppers and some tomatoes here and there. We have peas planted and they are looking good. I think we are still harvesting okra too. I’ll be glad to see it go. Okra isn’t on my favorites list.

Mom has planted carrots and cabbage in her kitchen garden. She also has garlic, onions, peppers, and I think she still has tomatoes in her garden. She planted some butter beans as well.

We have muscadines ripening, but the birds and squirrels are getting them. We had hoped to make jelly and kombucha with them, but it doesn’t look like that will be happening.

Our goats and chickens are doing well. We’re drying up our milk goat in preparation for breeding season, which starts in September. We have 4 does to breed this year.

Our 2 chicks that we hatched, well the hen hatched, in May are doing well. We still aren’t positive on their gender. Mom calls them boys, so I hope they are and they don’t have a gender crisis. We want boys to be boys and girls to be girls on this farm. That’s how God designed it. Anything else is a perversion of His perfect plan. Anyway, we have named them Fried and Scrambled. We, well the hen, hatched another chick in July. We named it Poached and call it Poachy. Bless their hearts!

I have seen 3 clients recently in my office here at Homestead Nutrition. It’s always fun to do an evaluation and to see their amazement. It still amazes me too. I’m hoping to gain some contacts and possible clients in other States. It’s possible something could open up in Arkansas. So we’ll see.

Every person I can help is one more saved from the horrors of the medical field. Recently a lady we attend church with had some health problems. She went to a cardiologist and her health has gone downhill from there. This cardiologist is the biggest scam around. He tried to take my mom down the exact road he took this other lady, but thankfully we were more versed in dealing with scam doctors and such. We fired him immediately.

The lady in our church did what he said. She has ended up in a mess. She’s been in the hospital where she was given too much fluid which caused her legs to swell and burst open. She finally went to Jackson to different doctors and found out that the hospital had her on too much heart medication and her doctor had her on the wrong antibiotic. That was 3 medical mistakes! And this is just one story out of many I’m sure.

The medical field covers for one another too. They can’t admit they made a mistake and get it right. They have to blame this or that, or make excuses as to why this happened. What happened to old fashioned honesty and integrity!

I have to share something I heard recently that encouraged me. Yeah, the good news after the rant. Everyone knows that we are all addicted to our electronics. Some of us also know the harmful affects to our health and our spirit. Recently I heard electronics referred to as Antichrist toys, which stands to reason. Anyway, I was told about a twenty-one-year-old young lady who gave up her smart phone for God. She’s a single young lady in a small church. There is nothing to keep her from having a smart phone and doing whatever she pleases. She chose to give it to God. It takes a lot to impress me, but this REALLY impressed me. I admire her. It encourages me to know that there are young people out there who love God and are willing to do whatever they can to please Him. She is an exceptional young person! And I believe God is going to favor her.

Oh my! How could I forget! Back to the garden. We harvested around 7 watermelons this year! One of them weighed over 27lb! They have been delicious!

Have a healthy and blessed week!

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Our Trip to Summertown/Ethridge/Lawrenceburg, TN

We take an annual trip to TN Amish country. We usually go in September or October. However, this year we wanted to attend the James D. Vaughn Quartet convention. The groups we wanted to see were there on Friday and Saturday night, so we planned our trip for July 26-28.

We did something we’ve never done before. We rented a bed and breakfast through Air B&B. We weren’t sure how that would work out, but you never learn if you don’t try. So we booked the B&B a month or two in advance to be sure we got our dates.

The B&B we chose is a permaculture house built in the side of a hill. It’s a studio that doubles as a B&B. We knew it was in the country and in a gated community, but that’s really all we knew.

Come to find out, it’s on The Farm in Summertown, TN. This is a community of people who are like minded and have formed their own settlement. They are very natural health minded. The believe in taking care of the earth and animals. They are nonviolent and believe in helping one another and treating one another with kindness and respect. They have some of the same values as the community in Waco that we love so much, except they’re spiritual beliefs are vastly different. I tend to favor Waco in the spiritual regard.

Our B&B was wonderful! I’m going to try to attach a walk through video that my mom took of it. I hope it works. If not, maybe I can do it later when I have wifi access. We hope to go back to this place. It was all just so neat.

We enjoyed the concerts too. But I am partial to the Amish and The Farm. It was a great trip overall.

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🇺🇸Happy Independence Day🇺🇸

🇺🇸Today we celebrate our two hundred and forty-third birthday as a Nation. On July 4, 1776, the United States declared its independence from Great Britain. For those who may not know, the Declaration of Independence was prophesied some three thousand years before it happened.

In the Old Testament book of Daniel, in the seventh chapter, there are four beasts that Daniel saw. You can read about all of them on, but I will tell you about the one that is relevant to our subject. Daniel beheld a lion with eagle’s wings. He watched until the wings were plucked and given the heart of a man and was made to stand like a man.

There is a nation on Earth today who has the symbol of the lion. It is Great Britain. In 1776, a nation came out of the lion who has the symbol of the eagle. That is the United States of America! Not only are we represented by the eagle, but we have the symbol of a man, Uncle Sam.

So over three thousand years ago, God knew there would be a Declaration of Independence, and the new Nation would play such a significant role in world affairs and prophesied events, that He showed it to Daniel and told him to write it in his book. In one Scripture God said it would be sealed up until the end. Daniel didn’t understand it, but we can because we are the people on whom the end of the world is coming.

I couldn’t be more proud to be an American! I despise this socialist movement that is trying to destroy this great Nation. I say, if you don’t want to live in a free nation, LEAVE! There are plenty of communist nations for you to relocate to. We like our freedom here in the good ole USA. We don’t need, nor do we want, you messing with the deal we’ve got. I want to quote our great President so bad and really tell you how to get out of here, but I won’t use that language on here.

Anyway, happy birthday USA!!! And thanks to all who have sacrificed to make us free. All have given some, and some have given all. I appreciate the price paid whether big or small. I’m a proud American! God bless our armed forces and law enforcement. God bless our President. And God bless the United States of America!🇺🇸

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Chat & Referral

I wanted to do a brief homestead update and refer you to another blog. It has been very busy on our homestead.

Our garden is in full swing. This means the pea shelling and green bean snapping has also been in full swing. Mom is canning like crazy too.

Our little chicks are growing and doing well. All the goats are fattening up and doing well also. So all is well at the barn.

I made a cool purchase today. Our local Fred’s store is going out of business and today is their last day. We have really gotten lots of bargains there. Today I bought a Fred’s shopping cart! I’m going to use it to hall water to my plants and for whatever else it comes in handy for. It’s just cool to have one.

Last weekend we went to Arkansas. We visited the highest mountain in Arkansas, which is Mount Magazine. It was beautiful! We also visited Jasper, one of our favorite mountain towns. We brought home rocks from the Buffalo National River. We also visited the Kroger in Russelville. If you have followed me very long, you know I’m a Kroger fan. It was a fun trip, but I missed my travel buddy. It was our first trip without Miss Priss.

In conclusion, if you are interested in current events as they relate to Biblical prophecy, visit I highly recommend this site. It’s amazing how current events match Bible prophecy. We are living in the last days of time as we know it.

Have a healthy and blessed week!

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The Local Farmers Market

My family and I have begun patronizing our local farmers market. The market started a few years ago, but because we grow our own food to insure it’s organic, we never really visited it. I think we went one time last year just to see what they had.

The market started for this season the first Friday of June. We went and enjoyed it so much that we went back the next week. The first week we were looking for fresh local honey, which we found. The next week, we just went.

We met some really cool people and caught up with some we had met last year and the previous week. We bought goat’s milk soap that was really made from milk from their goats. Most goat’s milk soap comes from a kit. This was the real deal. And the family who was selling it was very friendly and informative.

We bought herbs from a very nice lady who knew her stuff. She was a neat person to visit with. I actually will be taking her some of my chocolate mint plant next time we go.

We bought an aloe vera plant from a nice couple. We already had one aloe plant and I had just bought one at Kroger the day before, but I don’t think you can have too many.

One fellow was selling tomatoes. We asked if they were organic, or what he used to fertilize. He said he uses organic fertilize and named what it was. We had never heard of it. Before the conversation was over he told us he uses triple thirteen on them. He and his wife began to tell us how using chicken manure, or any kind of manure is the worst thing you can do for tomatoes. We left without making a purchase. So, even at the farmers market you have to be on your toes to get clean food.

Let me put a good word out there for a couple of local youtubers. Check out Alderman Farms youtube channel. They produce some great vlogs. Mrs. Patty Alderman is the market manager for our farmers market and does a great job. She told us they had twenty-one venders this past Friday.

Also, check out the Mac’s Happy Homestead. They are doing some great vlogs. They have been selling their products both times we have been to the market.

One thing I have noticed at the market is that probably 90% of the venders are young people. It’s also families. It’s neat to see the younger generation returning to the farm. And it’s also neat to see the children involved and learning. The family with the goat’s milk products was mostly being done by the children. Even the little one, who was probably six or seven, was saving her money to buy a cow. I think that’s neat.

If you live within driving distance of Brookhaven, MS, or happen to be in our area on Friday, drop by Railroad Park in downtown Brookhaven and visit our farmers market from 8:00am until 12:00pm. I think it will be worth your time. Have a healthy and blessed week!

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D Day Commemoration: The Greatest Generation

🇺🇸Today is the 75th anniversary of the Normandy invasion. As I have listened to the events commemorating this day, I have gained an even deeper appreciation for the Greatest Generation. Several of that Greatest Generation were present there today. President Trump referred to them as the “men” who participated who were sitting behind him as he gave his speech, and he referred to those who gave their lives as the “boys” in front of him in the graves. Those who survived became the “men” who came home to start families, industries, and make America the great Nation it is. The “boys,” who literally were boys (seventeen, eightteen, nineteen, etc.), paid the ultimate price to make America the great Nation it is. Today, we honor both.

Even though they were “boys,” it took real men to storm those beaches and jump from those planes on June 6, 1944. If they hadn’t been willing to pay the price, we would likely be living in a communist country today. Some of our modern politicians are trying to take us in that direction. The Greatest Generation fought to keep us from communism. I say, if you want that kind of government, go live in a socialist/communist country and don’t destroy what the Greatest Generation fought for here.

If you were a part of the D Day invasion, or if you lost a family member that day, I thank you for your sacrifice. I honor you today. Just as you gave all to keep us free and keep communism out of our Nation, I hope to do my part to see that your sacrifice wasn’t in vain. I can’t fight in the military, but I can vote and I can pray. So, I will pray for those who serve in office and in military forces. And I’ll vote to keep America great so the service of the Greatest Generation will not have been in vain! God bless our veterans, God bless our leaders, and God bless America!🇺🇸