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Some of My Favorite Educators

I thought I would take some time to share some of my favorite educators in the natural health field. I have listened to several people through the years, but there are some I have listened to on a regular basis. I have subscribed to many podcasts and youtube channels, but I find myself going back to certain ones and never listening to 95% of the others I have subscribed to.

Recently, I have subscribed to the Old Fashion on Purpose podcast. Some of you may be familiar with the Prairie Homestead. This podcast is the same family. I really enjoy the content of this podcast.

Mountain Woman Radio is another homesteading podcast that I enjoy. Tammy Trayer always provides great homesteading information and basic life lessons.

On the natural health side of things, a new podcast I have subscribed to that looks to be a keeper is Mito Life Radio with Matt Blackburn. Matt is very knowledgeable and is comparable to the next show I will share, which is my favorite. So I highly recommend Mito Life Radio. By the way, all of these hosts have youtube channels as well.

My very favorite podcast, and the one that I go to most and have stuck with through the years, is Extreme Health Radio with Justin and Kate Stellman. These folks know their stuff and are on top of the most pertinent information. I have said many times, I have probably learned more from them than I did working on 4 degrees in natural healing. I can’t say enough good about this podcast. It’s tops! I would love to meet the Stellmans some day.

So there you have my 2 favorite homestead podcasts and my 2 favorite health podcasts. I highly recommend all of them. I’m so grateful for people who produce great information in such a way that it holds the attention of the listener. So, go check out my favorites #OldFashionOnPurpose, #MountainWomanRadio, #MitoLifeRadio, & #ExtremeHealthRadio.

Have a healthy and blessed week!


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