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A Little News & A Little Rant

Hello everyone! This post is going to be a mixture of topics. It’s probably going to be more of a rant in some areas, while others might be just cool things I have been made aware of. So bear with me in my folly.

First of all, a homestead update. Our garden is winding down. We are done with cucumbers and squash. I hate to see them go. We are still harvesting peppers and some tomatoes here and there. We have peas planted and they are looking good. I think we are still harvesting okra too. I’ll be glad to see it go. Okra isn’t on my favorites list.

Mom has planted carrots and cabbage in her kitchen garden. She also has garlic, onions, peppers, and I think she still has tomatoes in her garden. She planted some butter beans as well.

We have muscadines ripening, but the birds and squirrels are getting them. We had hoped to make jelly and kombucha with them, but it doesn’t look like that will be happening.

Our goats and chickens are doing well. We’re drying up our milk goat in preparation for breeding season, which starts in September. We have 4 does to breed this year.

Our 2 chicks that we hatched, well the hen hatched, in May are doing well. We still aren’t positive on their gender. Mom calls them boys, so I hope they are and they don’t have a gender crisis. We want boys to be boys and girls to be girls on this farm. That’s how God designed it. Anything else is a perversion of His perfect plan. Anyway, we have named them Fried and Scrambled. We, well the hen, hatched another chick in July. We named it Poached and call it Poachy. Bless their hearts!

I have seen 3 clients recently in my office here at Homestead Nutrition. It’s always fun to do an evaluation and to see their amazement. It still amazes me too. I’m hoping to gain some contacts and possible clients in other States. It’s possible something could open up in Arkansas. So we’ll see.

Every person I can help is one more saved from the horrors of the medical field. Recently a lady we attend church with had some health problems. She went to a cardiologist and her health has gone downhill from there. This cardiologist is the biggest scam around. He tried to take my mom down the exact road he took this other lady, but thankfully we were more versed in dealing with scam doctors and such. We fired him immediately.

The lady in our church did what he said. She has ended up in a mess. She’s been in the hospital where she was given too much fluid which caused her legs to swell and burst open. She finally went to Jackson to different doctors and found out that the hospital had her on too much heart medication and her doctor had her on the wrong antibiotic. That was 3 medical mistakes! And this is just one story out of many I’m sure.

The medical field covers for one another too. They can’t admit they made a mistake and get it right. They have to blame this or that, or make excuses as to why this happened. What happened to old fashioned honesty and integrity!

I have to share something I heard recently that encouraged me. Yeah, the good news after the rant. Everyone knows that we are all addicted to our electronics. Some of us also know the harmful affects to our health and our spirit. Recently I heard electronics referred to as Antichrist toys, which stands to reason. Anyway, I was told about a twenty-one-year-old young lady who gave up her smart phone for God. She’s a single young lady in a small church. There is nothing to keep her from having a smart phone and doing whatever she pleases. She chose to give it to God. It takes a lot to impress me, but this REALLY impressed me. I admire her. It encourages me to know that there are young people out there who love God and are willing to do whatever they can to please Him. She is an exceptional young person! And I believe God is going to favor her.

Oh my! How could I forget! Back to the garden. We harvested around 7 watermelons this year! One of them weighed over 27lb! They have been delicious!

Have a healthy and blessed week!


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