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I wanted to do a brief homestead update and refer you to another blog. It has been very busy on our homestead.

Our garden is in full swing. This means the pea shelling and green bean snapping has also been in full swing. Mom is canning like crazy too.

Our little chicks are growing and doing well. All the goats are fattening up and doing well also. So all is well at the barn.

I made a cool purchase today. Our local Fred’s store is going out of business and today is their last day. We have really gotten lots of bargains there. Today I bought a Fred’s shopping cart! I’m going to use it to hall water to my plants and for whatever else it comes in handy for. It’s just cool to have one.

Last weekend we went to Arkansas. We visited the highest mountain in Arkansas, which is Mount Magazine. It was beautiful! We also visited Jasper, one of our favorite mountain towns. We brought home rocks from the Buffalo National River. We also visited the Kroger in Russelville. If you have followed me very long, you know I’m a Kroger fan. It was a fun trip, but I missed my travel buddy. It was our first trip without Miss Priss.

In conclusion, if you are interested in current events as they relate to Biblical prophecy, visit I highly recommend this site. It’s amazing how current events match Bible prophecy. We are living in the last days of time as we know it.

Have a healthy and blessed week!


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