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D Day Commemoration: The Greatest Generation

🇺🇸Today is the 75th anniversary of the Normandy invasion. As I have listened to the events commemorating this day, I have gained an even deeper appreciation for the Greatest Generation. Several of that Greatest Generation were present there today. President Trump referred to them as the “men” who participated who were sitting behind him as he gave his speech, and he referred to those who gave their lives as the “boys” in front of him in the graves. Those who survived became the “men” who came home to start families, industries, and make America the great Nation it is. The “boys,” who literally were boys (seventeen, eightteen, nineteen, etc.), paid the ultimate price to make America the great Nation it is. Today, we honor both.

Even though they were “boys,” it took real men to storm those beaches and jump from those planes on June 6, 1944. If they hadn’t been willing to pay the price, we would likely be living in a communist country today. Some of our modern politicians are trying to take us in that direction. The Greatest Generation fought to keep us from communism. I say, if you want that kind of government, go live in a socialist/communist country and don’t destroy what the Greatest Generation fought for here.

If you were a part of the D Day invasion, or if you lost a family member that day, I thank you for your sacrifice. I honor you today. Just as you gave all to keep us free and keep communism out of our Nation, I hope to do my part to see that your sacrifice wasn’t in vain. I can’t fight in the military, but I can vote and I can pray. So, I will pray for those who serve in office and in military forces. And I’ll vote to keep America great so the service of the Greatest Generation will not have been in vain! God bless our veterans, God bless our leaders, and God bless America!🇺🇸


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