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Giving Honor to Whom Honor Is Due

Today is the one hundred and fifty first Memorial Day in the United States of America. We pause to remember our fallen heroes. They made the ultimate sacrifice in giving their lives so we can live and be free today. They say that four million have worn the uniform of the United states since her birth. Of those four million, one million have died in uniform. It’s to those that I give high honor today.

We live in the Land of the Free because it is the Home of the Brave. From the fallen in the Revolutionary War, to the most recent fallen soldier in our day, thank you for your sacrifice. I honor you as we remember you today.

To those who may read this post who have lost a family member in uniform, thank you for your sacrifice. I honor you on this day as well.

We have strayed from the values that most fought and died for. But this is still the greatest Nation in which to live. Thankfully, President Trump is doing his best to turn us back to Christian values. I honor him for that. We were founded as a Christian Nation, and we should stand alongside our President and our fallen heroes and fight with all our might to keep those values and to return to those we’ve laid aside. God should always be at the helm of this ship. In God we still trust!

Godd bless our fallen, God bless their families, God bless our current servicemen, and God bless the United States of America!



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