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Hello everyone. I hope your week is going well. I wanted to take a few minutes and give an update on the homestead.

We had 9 baby goats born beginning February 14. One baby died at birth, but the others lived and did great. A week or so ago, a man came and bought all 8 of them and 2 of our grown does. We went from 16 goats to 6. It was sad to let them go, but our feeding up situation is MUCH easier. We are now milking 3 does. We have 1 doe out with the buck praying she will be bred. If she doesn’t get bred this go around, my dad is going to sell her and mom and I do not want that. She is a good doe and has been with her daughter all her life. I don’t want them separated.

We have a hen setting. We really don’t need any more chickens, but we just wanted to see what happens. We put 6 eggs under her. Three eggs have disappeared and 3 are still there. We should know some time this week if they are going to hatch.

We are getting plenty of eggs and milk right now. We have been selling both to friends and family. It helps pay for the cost of the animals.

We have our gardens planted. Some stuff looks good and others don’t. Our weather is so weird that it’s hard to know when the right time to plant is anymore. We just hope it all does well.

I mentioned before doing some writing from a Biblical prospective. I am getting some materials together and hope to begin that soon over on So, if you are interested go follow that blog as well. I will be sharing pertinent information regarding current events that were prophesied in the Bible thousands of years ago. Would you like to know if the United States are mentioned in the Bible? Would you like to be in the know about how President Trump’s Middle East peace plan, The Deal of the Century, could be fulfilling Scripture? If so, follow me at and we will answer these and other questions.

If you are fed up with the medical approach to health, I am available to help you along a more natural way. I see clients in my office. I can also travel, in some cases, to where the client is. My in office fee, for now, is $60. My travel fee varies depending on distance. I am also available for speaking engagements. If your church or group would like to learn more about natural healing, I can come talk about it. My contact info is on my “about page.”

Have a healthy and blessed week!


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