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In Memory of Miss Priss

It all began some time around April of 2005. A puppy was born. I don’t know anything about her birth or the first year and a half of her life, but the 13 or so years following impacted me for life. She was named Priscilla and called Prissy by her previous family. I don’t even know the details of why her family had to give her away. I’m just glad they did.

Around October 25, 2006, I was given the opportunity to give a home to a year and a half old chihuahua who we didn’t even know if she was house broken. I had never had an inside dog, but wanted one. My family agreed for me to take her, but I was to get a gate and keep her on my side of the house. So we welcomed Priscilla aka Prissy to our home. I began calling her Miss Priss and that became her name.

Our first time to leave her at home while we went to church, I secured her in her pet taxi. To my surprise, when we arrived home, she had broken out. She didn’t break out the door, she bursted out the side. I don’t know to this day how in the world she pulled that off.

I put up a gate to confine her to my side of the house. The gate was a toddler gate, so it was plenty tall enough to keep a chihuahua contained, or was it? It was not! She climbed it. There was no keeping her confined. Fortunately, she was house broken and it really wasn’t a big deal.

She and I bonded immediately. She protected me. She was my eyes when we were home alone. I felt totally safe as long as she was around. She went everywhere with me.

She went on her first family vacation in 2008. She got to go to the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. She loved to travel. I won’t take them time to go through every vacation, but suffice it to say, she visited the 48 Continental United States and saw such sites as the changing of the guard in Arlington National Cemetery, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Amish country, Boston, the Bush home in Maine, Niagara Falls, all the Great Lakes, Ohio Amish country, she swam in the head waters of the Mississippi River, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Yellowstone National Park, the Laura Ingalls Wilder homes in South Dakota and Missouri, Mount Rushmore, the Oregon Trail,and many more I’m sure I’m forgetting. She saw more places than most humans will ever see.

She also loved to eat. Some of her favorite foods were chicken, cheese, turkey loin, organic ground beef, peas, green beans, corn bread, pickles, etc. She had bouts of pancreatitis, so we had to keep a tight rein on her diet. I let her enjoy what she liked, but not over do.

She loved her blankets and beds. She slept in her stroller some, and had blankets just about in every room. I bought her a twin sized comforter, which became her bed of choice. She loved hotel beds too. She’d get under the covers and lay her head on a pillow. She always made a pillow for her head with part of her blanket or whatever. She could do some snoring too.

She loved to go to my grandparents’ house. My grandma would let her sit in her lap and rub her forever. I could ask her, “Do you want to go see Mawmaw,” and she would get so excited.

She and I communicated very well. It got to where I had to spell the word bath if I was planning to give her one. She’d hear the word and go hide. She hated baths. I could ask her, “Do you want to go on vacation,” and she’d get excited. I could tell her to go get in the car and she’d run to the door, but she wouldn’t go to the car until she knew I was coming. She’d sit by my chair at the table for handouts. When I would finish, I’d say, “That’s all.” She’d go drink water or finish eating her own food.

I could fix her food and give it to her while our supper was cooking and she might nibble on it. She would not eat it until after we ate. She wanted to be sure she couldn’t get something better from us, which she usually did.

We had our routines. She would wake me up in the night if she needed to go out. If we were in a hotel, she knew first thing in the morning she would go walk with Dad. She hated her harness and leash, but did ok using them. She had a stroller and a carseat. I also had a purse that was made to carry her in.

She was very spoiled. She had everything she wanted and more. I gave her everything I could. She was very happy and lived like a queen. And she loved much in return.

In April 2017, the vet informed me that she had a heart murmur and a slightly enlarged heart. He said she would eventually need heart medication. I began giving her L-Taurie, L-Carnitine, hawthorn, and an herbal heart tonic. She did well until November 2018. On November 29 she was put on 2 heart meds twice a day. She was also given a med for coughing, which was being caused by the heart disease. I didn’t have to give the cough meds until January or so. Then it was maybe once a week. I had to get the heart meds refilled on March 5th, so I took her just to be checked. Everything seemed good. I was just having to give the cough meds way too much for my liking.

I saw the decline, but from March 5th on the decline was quick and undeniable. There were many concerning situations. On March 18th I took her back to the vet. Things didn’t look good. He gave her a couple of shots and doubled one of her heart meds. By that evening, we were back at the vet because her legs weren’t working right. He just sent us back home.

Her stomach had a lot of fluid on it according to the bet. It was like she ate a big meal and she hadn’t. She would hardly walk. I carried her outside to potty. On the night of the 18th, I carried her out every 2 hours. Around 5am I took her out and she had defecated on herself. I cleaned her up and got her a clean blanket. A few minutes later we were up again. I carried her out, but this time she couldn’t stand up. She had a very bad seizure. Things went down from there. All the vet could tell me was we can give her meds, but it will damage the liver. Nothing could fix the problem. At around 7:10am on March 19th, Miss Priss passed away.

This was devastating for me. I lost my best friend. She was like a child to me.she blessed my life in so many ways. I miss her so bad. I can’t even tell you…

The day before she passed, I knew things were declining. So I went and purchased her a casket. On the 19th after she passed, we lined the casket with her blankets. I made her a pillow out of one of my t-shirts and we covered her with her favorite blanket. My dad dug the grave out beside my office. We sealed everything as best we could and laid her to rest. She has her own headstone. The grave is covered with white marble rocks. It is surrounded with rocks collected on the many vacations that she went on. She has flowers and 2 solar lights to decorate the grave. I tried to give her the best even at her death.

She will be greatly missed for a very long time, if not forever. There will never be another like her. Miss Priss, this blog post is in your memory and in your honor. I love you forever!


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