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Homestead Fair 2018

Hello everyone! I hope all is well with you since our last visit. We are enjoying this wonderful cold weather. It even snowed here a week or so back. It wasn’t anything big, just a few flurries, but we’ll take it.

My family and I just returned from Waco, TX where we attended the Homestead Fair at Homestead Heritage. The fair is held every year on the Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving. This is our third fair to attend. They have been having the fair for around thirty years.

We had a wonderful time. They have several seminars on sustainability, gardening, poultry care, goat care, horse training, sheep dog demo, etc. There is so much going on that you would need to be there when it starts Friday and stay until it is over Saturday. We had to just pick out the things we were most interested in and plan our days.

There is live music twice a day and we made sure we were present for every one of those. Their choirs and musicians are phenomenal! They are probably the best I’ve heard. There is a variety in their music. There was bluegrass, folk, and of course choirs. They have 2 children’s choirs, a youth choir and an adult choir. I’m a musician and singer and I’ve heard a lot of music in my lifetime, but these people have unbelievable talent.

They are also talented in many other areas. They make quilts, clothing, brooms, candles, soaps, baskets, pottery, musical instruments, etc. There are those who do painting, do wood working, spinning, etc. You name it and they probably do it.

They have a new and improved food court where they serve several different kinds of food. They have Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian, American, etc. All the food is grown on the homestead. It’s all either organic or natural. It was all delicious.

If you ever have the opertunity to go to the fair, I can tell you that it would be well worth your time and money. I highly recommend it. We have made it an annual trip for our family. I can’t believe it’s already over for this year, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, see the top of the page for contact info. Have a healthy and blessed week!


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