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Still Gardening & Canning in September, News from the Barn, & Kroger Rant

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those devastated by Hurricane Florence and the flooding caused by her.

We are having an epidemic of love bugs here. They are everywhere and so annoying. They love white and we have a lot of white around our house. We will be so glad when they are gone.

As of Monday, we were still shelling peas. I think my dad pulled most of them up as he picked them this time, but we do still have some growing. I think they are for seed. We are still harvesting jalapeno peppers too. Mom’s cucumbers are still blooming, but not producing. She harvested her first eggplant this week and we will have it for supper tonight.

Dad is going to plant mustard greens in the garden now. We’re going to plant radishes and carrots, I think, and some other fall veggies. It is still very hot here. We’re having low to mid 90s temps. Hopefully it will cool off soon.

As for news from the barn, we have officially entered breeding season. We have 6 does to breed this year and we hope 2 are already bred. My dad purchased some new chickens a week or so back. They are chicks right now, but will grow to be pretty big chickens. We have 14 of them, plus about 21 other chickens. We hope to be able to raise some chickens from these new ones. We’ve never had chickens that would set, but they say these will. So we’ll see.

For those who eat a clean organic diet, let me put a plug in for Kroger. Kroger is almost as well supplied with natural and organic foods as Whole Foods, and you don’t have to break the bank to purchase it. We love to shop there! If you download the Kroger app, you can see their sales and clip coupons. When you sign up for the Plus card, you also receive a free Friday download every Friday morning. Sometimes the free item is healthy, while other times it’s not. Kroger also offers clicklist for those who don’t have time to shop. You can order online through the app and pick up your groceries at the appointed time. I highly recommend Kroger. I like the quality of most of what I find there and I like the prices. Now, I’m strictly referring to the natural/organic merchandise. I do not speak for the other stuff. So check out your local Kroger store or shop online via the app. It’s even worth the drive if you have to go to another town to go to Kroger. Our closest one is around 20 miles away and it’s small and doesn’t have a lot. We usually drive around 50 miles to go to a good Kroger. It’s well worth it and we have fun shopping there. Oh, and you earn points on your Plus card toward fuel cost reduction. For every 100 points you get a tank of gas for $0.10 a gallon less at participating gas stations. The Kroger gas station even allows more off per gallon. If you have 200 points, you can choose to use them all and get $0.20 per gallon off, and so on. So it’s a win-win situation at Kroger!

For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, see the contact info at the top of the page. Have a healthy and blessed week!


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