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Trip to Ethridge, TN & Preparation for Hurricane Gordon

Hello everyone! I hope you have had a great past 2 weeks. I did not post last week, so we have a little to catch up on.

Last weekend we traveled to Ethridge, TN to ride through Amish country. We spent most of Saturday going from one Amish farm to another purchasing their homemade goods and fresh produce. We had a blast! Our car was so full that only our spaces to sit were available. At least we didn’t have stuff tied on the front of the car like we did once coming home from Gatlinburg.

We also visited the David Crocket State Park, and dined at the Crocket’s Mill Restaurant. The park is a neat place. We saw deer from our table in the restaurant.

We always take stuff to make sandwiches to eat as we travel. This keeps us from eating out as much. We usually eat supper out and that’s all. On our way home, mom found a really neat city park in Sulligent, AL that was a perfect place to picnic. We had intended to use the restroom and walk some, but when we saw the neat pavilion and picnic table, we decided to go on and eat. There was no one there except us and the picnic area was fenced in, so Miss Priss was able to run free. She loved that since she strongly dislikes her harness and leash. It was just a perfect place for us. It was a great trip. The only thing wrong was it wasn’t long enough.

We are currently watching the progress of Tropical Storm Gordon. It is forecast to become a hurricane and come ashore along the AL/MS coast lines. This has been predicted to take place some time this evening or tomorrow. We live 2 hours from the coast, but we are taking precautions. We have a well and when we lose electricity we lose water as well. So we have filled jugs with water to keep our Berkey filter full. We have also filled 5 gallon buckets with water to flush toilets. I figure we are overprepared, but better that than not enough. Hopefully it will only rain here.

For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, see the contact info at the top of the page. Have a healthy and blessed week!


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