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What About Cannabis

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great week. Hope you’re keeping cool if it’s as hot where you are as it is here. We’re having an Arctic blast today, it’s only 92 degrees instead of 98. 🙂

I want to clarify my beliefs on Cannabis. I know I have Christian readers who also know I am a Christian, and they are wondering where I fell off the turnip wagon. So let me try to set your minds at ease. I do not condone smoking marijuana for recreational purposes. I do not advocate smoking anything. Smoking is harmful and destroys the lungs.

Having said that, I do know that there are numerous uses for the Cannabis plant. It has been proven to help the body heal itself from many diseases including cancer. As I mentioned previously, it is a natural pain killer. I have known of people with knee pain taking the Cannabis leaves and placing them on the knee with a wrap and over time the knee healed. The benefits and uses of this plant are numerous and what we know now has only scratched the surface.

So as Christians we have to decide where we stand on this matter. I have made my decision and now I hope you will do your homework so you too can make a decision that feels right to you. I can tell you this, it’s much safer to have a pot smoker driving on the highway than it is to have an alcoholic. Yet alcohol is legal in all fifty States. I will never smoke a joint, but I would like to know that if I ever have cancer or some other horrible disease, if I so choose, Cannabis would be a legal option.

I use hemp seed, hemp oil, and hemp capsules, all of which are cannabidol, CBD. The chemical in cannabis that causes the high is THC. So there is no high in CBD. CBD is legal in all fifty States presently. It’s my understanding that THC must be present to help the body heal cancer. However, there ways to use it rather than smoking. This would need to be done under the care of a physician. Right now, it’s illegal in most States.

I could go into great detail of the history of the Cannabis plant. It dates back to ancient history. Every known people group have used it for healing purposes including the Jews. It wasn’t until 1937, that Cannabis became illegal. Until that time hemp was used for making paper, cloth, cement, and even vehicles. So there are many uses of the plant even beyond its healing properties. I hope this helps you, or at least causes you to take another look at Cannabis. Again, I am not advocating pot smoking for the fun of it. I know people will do that, and are doing that even now with it being illegal. Addicts are going to get their fix, legal or illegal. Just study it out and follow your conscience.

For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, see my contact information at the top of the page. Have a healthy and blessed week!


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