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Seven Natural Pain Killers

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well. We’ve been blessed with a little rain and slightly cooler temperatures. I hesitate to say this, but it almost feels like Fall is in the air. Realistically speaking, our hottest month, August, is still ahead of us. We dare not wish for an early Fall.

I want to talk about seven natural pain killers that I have been learning about. The first one is White Willow Bark. This is what Aspirin was derived from when it was introduced. So, why take Aspirin when you can take the real thing, White Willow Bark.

The second natural pain killer is Capsaicin. This is one of the main components of cayenne pepper. It aids in blood flow. It is also great for cardiovascular health. It is recommended that everyone have a cayenne tincture with them at all times. A medical doctor was having a heart attack. He was blue from lack of oxygen, but had enough presence of mind to put a drop of cayenne tincture on the tip of his tongue. He recovered.

The third natural pain killer is Frankincense. You can apply it to wherever you are in pain. It is great to apply behind the ears. I have also heard that a drop under the tongue or on the roof of the mouth is absorbed into the body more quickly. Of course, we know that application to the bottom of the feet is one of the best places for better absorption.

The fourth natural pain killer is Cat’s Claw. This is one I am not personally familiar with. So I will just throw it out there and move on.

The fifth natural pain killer is Omega 3 fatty acids. I do not recommend fish oil at all, though some do and more power to them. I have used Flaxseed oil myself with great results. I also recommend Yes Parent Essential Oil. Some also discourage Omega 6 saying this causes inflammation. There are studies that prove that some Omega 6 fatty acids reduce inflammation.

The sixth natural pain killer is Curcumin. This is one of the components of turmeric. It aids in reducing inflammation. I can testify to its ability to relieve pain. I tested it today. I had a headache. I took 2 Curcumin capsules at 200mg each. My headache left.

Last, but certainly not least, the seventh natural pain killer is, drum roll please, Cannabis! CBD oil, as well as tinctures and capsules have been known to relieve pain and inflammation. I personally favor Sol CBD and Hemp Bombs. Cannabis is an amazing plant. It is so beneficial for so many situations. It is a shame that it isn’t lawfully available. At least for now we do have access to CBD.

I have all of these pain killers in my possession. I have used all of them except Cat’s Claw. I will be trying it too.

Another natural pain killer that I did not mention is peppermint oil. This helps with headaches, aches and pains, etc. I’m sure there are many more out there.

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This photo is a sample of all our canning: potatoes, pickle relish, spicy sweet pickles, salsa, figs, and blueberry jelly.


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