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The Power of Water

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great week. We have been experiencing Spring weather for several days. I hope winter isn’t gone, but seems that way right now. We are excited about planting the gardens and having fresh produce, but we aren’t ready for the heat.
I just want to share some quick thoughts on water. The question is asked a lot, what is the best source of water? There are varying opinions on the correct answer. I will give you mine. 
Rain water is perfectly suited to the body’s needs. Some say you should wait until it rains a couple of days to drink the water so the air will be clean. What if it doesn’t rain for a couple of days? 
Recently, we caught a half gallon of rain water to drink. We strained it and refrigerated it and we’re drinking it. It tastes much better than our well water. I really like it, but when it’s gone, we don’t have more until it rains again.
My second choice of water is either spring or well water. Sadly, because of all the pollution in our world, no source is as clean as it should be. 
Under no circumstance should we ever drink water from a city or county water plant. This water is full of harmful chemicals, drugs waste, etc. Chlorine, Fluoride, and even Arsenic is in municipal water sources. The water is recycled and contains residue of prescription drugs, as well as illegal drugs. It should be avoided at all cost.
In our town, we had a boil water alert a couple of weeks ago. It lasted several days and some restaurants even had to close. Someone told me that some of the nurses who work at the local hospital was telling them it was ok to drink the water without boiling it. They said it didn’t have enough bacteria to hurt them. I was appalled! It’s harmful enough on a good day, but you have State officials telling you it’s bad enough to need to boil and you dispute that…I guess if people drank it without boiling it would be business for the hospital. 
Around this same time there was an outbreak of stomach illness. The medical people labeled it the stomach virus. I believe it was from drinking the filthy water. The boil water alert has been lifted and I’ve not heard of anyone with the stomach virus in a few days. Amazing!
Did you know water has memory? This is why even our wells and springs aren’t as clean as they should be. Once water is imprinted with things such as prescription drugs, it never forgets and is changed forever. They tell me that you can take a glass of water and use a magnet or something to vortex the water. You can place the glas of water on a book over night and drink it the next day and it will help you remember what you read in that book. I haven’t tried this, but if I had to study for a test, you bet I would. I just need to study more about what needs to be done to the water. Water is very powerful. It’s what God gave us to drink. We should be drinking half our weight in ounces of water daily to be properly hydrated. So, go drink you some good clean water!
For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, email me at Have a healthy and blessed week! 🙂 


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