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Expecting Baby Goats & My Visit with a Client 

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going great. It is very warm here, kind of feels like Spring. I don’t know where winter has gone. 
Last Saturday, the 14th, was my 39th birthday, so we had a weekend of celebrating. Other than that, there isn’t a lot going on around here right now. We are expecting baby goats anytime. That’s always exciting! 
I want to share a little bit of an experience with a client. In sharing these stories I try to be discrete to protect the privacy of the client. This person came to me with blood pressure problems. I did the routine examination on him and found several things that were out of sync in his body for various reasons. 
I found a problem with his heart. We narrowed it down to a few things including some emotional issues which occurred a decade ago. This wasn’t surprising since I see this type of thing often. What blew us all away was while we were sitting in my office going through all of this, his phone rang. It was the people who had been involved in the situation a decade ago wanting to set a time to talk things out. If my client wasn’t convinced that we were on target by then, he was after that call. It was mind blowing even for me. 
I saw this client on a Monday. I received at text from him on Friday with his blood pressure reading which was amazing. I could not tell him to get off his medication, but just said what I would do if it were me and left it for him to decide. He purchased an Ayurvedic supplement from me that has been very successful in lowering both my mom’s and my own blood pressure. He had already dropped down to a half of a blood pressure pill daily, but wanted to get off completely. So, when he sent me his reading that Friday, my first question was, “Is this with or without medication?” It was without medication. He was only taking the supplement. That was exciting!
The more I see in my clients and the more I hear regarding the medical field, the more I’m convinced that the natural way is the right way. Just this week I heard that a girl my age, who recently suffered a stroke, had just had a hysterectomy prior to the stroke. They are thinking a hormone she was taking caused the stroke. Now she’s really messed up likely due to medical error. Sadly, there are thousands, maybe even millions, of stories just like hers. When we go back to God’s way, the natural way, we will see better results. God didn’t leave us without attending to every little detail. He was concerned about us even down to the proper tuning of our music, which we’ll discuss next week.
For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, email me at Have a healthy and blessed week! 🙂 


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