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Trip Update

I wanted to jump on here and update you on our trips.I told you in my Thanksgiving post that we always go to Gatlinburg, TN the Sunday following Thanksgiving. This year, we had a slight change in plans. My family and I had planned to go to Waco, TX to Homestead Heritage. They have a Thanksgiving fair there every year the Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving. This trip overlapped our Gatlinburg trip, so we decided to leave for Gatlinburg on Tuesday, which would be today.
All went great on the Waco trip. Homestead Heritage is one of the neatest places I’ve ever been. They live a self-sustainable life, growing everything. It’s such a neat community. I really can’t explain it all to you, but if you have any interest in sustainability, natural living, community relationships, a simple life, etc., you should check them out. My mind was blown. I was so impressed.
They had seminars and sold their goods at the fair. They had good wholesome food to eat. They even had live music. They have an adult choir that was around one hundred members. They were accompanied by a full band and orchestra. I’m a musician and I’ve heard some pretty amazing choirs and musicians, but these were top notch. They also had a children’s choir which was around one hundred members. This choir was 6-9 year olds. Another children’s choir the same size which was 10-14 year olds. Then they had a youth choir that was a bit smaller for ages 14 and up. They’re little children sang in Hebrew on one song, and the youth sung in Greek on one song. A couple of children, maybe 6 or 8 years old, played violins. They played like professionals. They even played them upside down. It was something! 
Homestead Heritage Thanksgiving Fair will definitely be an annual event for us from now on. Everyone there was so kind. It rained both days, but the fair went on. On Saturday they had 9,000 people in attendance. They said that was a record on Saturday. I think I heard there were 6,000 there on Friday. I highly recommend this fair. It’s amazing!
As I said, we were to leave today for Gatlinburg. We got word last night that Gatlinburg was burning. Due to wild fires, they evacuated the town and some of Pigeon Forge was also affected. So, we postponed the trip. We plan to go either next week or the week before Christmas. It all depends on how quickly things are reopened.
Here are some photos from Homestead Heritage. You’ll see a lady talking about goat care and milking, soap making, spinning, essential oil distilling, a tiny off grid house, & the choir.


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