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Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great week. It has been nice weather here and the leaves are falling. 
I do my best to keep this blog focused on natural health and homesteading. However, this week I am going to dare to broach the subject of politics. As you know, if you live in the USA, next Tuesday is our Presidential election. I have been a strong proponent of exercising our right as citizens to vote. I voted in my first election in 1996, which was also a Presidential election, ironically, involving a Clinton. I have voted in every election since then. 
I will be the first to admit that our choices this year for President are poor. Actually, I don’t know of any politician who would be a great choice. They all make big promises and fulfill few of them. So, let me say up front, politics is not the answer for the USA. God is!
Having said that, I am still going to vote next Tuesday. I am voting on behalf of the Supreme Court, natural health, the first and second amendments, life for the unborn, traditional marriage, religious freedom, the economy, etc. Neither candidate is as strong on some of these issues as I would like, but one of them will be President. 
Your vote does matter. One vote made the difference for a state representative in the 1800s, whose vote made Texas a state.  Mr. Jamison Shoemaker arrived at the pole to vote just as it was about to close. They had run out of official ballots and Mr. Shoemaker had to cast his vote on a homemade ballot.When the votes for representative were tallied, Mr. shoemaker’s vote was the deciding vote. That representative’s one vote was the deciding vote that made Texas a state.
I am not telling anyone who to vote for, it’s a free Country, for now. I’m just encouraging you to do your civic duty and go vote. If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about the President, whoever it may be. This could be our last election depending on how it goes. Take advantage while we are still free to choose.
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