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Kombucha, The Truth About Cancer, & Upcoming Posts 

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great week. It has been summer here again this week, but we have cooler temps in the forecast. We’re excited about that for sure!
I have been trying to like Kombucha for over a year. I like the health benefits it offers, but I really don’t like the taste. I tolerate the Synergy blends that I purchase at Whole Foods, but I don’t just love it. I bought some from a friend who makes her own. It wasn’t flavored and I didn’t care for it either. I bought a muscadine flavored Kombucha from a Mississippi brewer and I liked it. 
So, after all that, I decided to try my hand at brewing my own Kombucha. I purchased my scoby and got it going. I didn’t think it would take but a week to ferment. However, since it was my first brew, it did take longer.
I purchased pH strips to test the acidity. I couldn’t stomach tasting it as my friend and Kombucha coach suggested. 🙂 I eventually did have to taste because I was unsure of the pH reading. I had to let it ferment for 2 weeks. Honestly, I possibly should have left it longer, because it tastes really good. It’s not supposed to taste that good in my experience. 🙂
I flavored it with fresh muskadines when I bottled it. I let it set for 3 more days to acquire the carbonation. After that I refrigerated it and am enjoying it. It’s the best I’ve ever had. I don’t say that because I made it, it really makes itself. I’m thinking of starting my next brew today.
I have already talked about The Truth About Cancer live symposium, but I wanted to put in another plug for this wonderful presentation. It was mind blowing to say the least. I strongly encourage everyone to participate in every event produced by The Truth About Cancer teem. They produce a wealth of life saving information. I can’t say enough good about what they are doing. Check it out!
Leading up to the Christmas holidays I plan to do some posts on essential oils. I think you will be amazed at some of the information I have come across. So, stay tuned for that.
For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, email me at Have a healthy and blessed week! 🙂 


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