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Hey y’all! Hope everyone is having a good week. Things are pretty good here. It’s getting cooler and that’s worth rejoicing over. 🙂 
My dad bought forty pounds of sweet potatoes last week. So, my mom has been freezing some and canning some. I helped slice them, but wasn’t able to do much else. This was Mom’s first time to pressure can anything. 
Mom is planning to can the butter beans and peas that we harvested from our garden this year. We have them frozen now, but since we never know when the electrical grid may go down, we think it wise to can them. We want to start canning everything. It’s just the smart thing to do in light of world affairs.
I have been wanting to transition Miss Priss (my chihuahua) to a raw whole foods diet for some time. I’ve heard podcasts about this and know people who feed it to their dogs. I finally just did it. The food comes from a company called BARF World. Visit their website at My 4 month supply arrived today. So, Miss Priss will have her first meal of it tonight. I’ll let you know how she adjusts. I’m sure she will like it since I have already been feeding her some raw organic beef along the way.
For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, email me at Have a healthy and blessed week! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Canning & BARF World 

  1. anitaleonard says:

    The awesome part about canned food is that it’s already cooked, so it’s the ultimate convenience food. I need to share another book with you. It’s called, How to Preserve Food Without Canning or Freezing. It gives other methods of food preservation, and you’ll like them! Most of the other methods are not long term, though. They were used before canning became a thing. They preserve the nutrition that is lost in the canning process. But they were used on a working farm where more food was produced every year, so these methods are mostly good for 6 months to a year. But it will be a fascinating read for you.

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