Healthy Living


Hey y’all! How is your week going? Hopefully all is well. It is definitely starting to feel like Fall around here. It’s still hot, but Fall is in the breeze.
My tomato plants are still producing somewhat. The same is true of my cucumbers. I did pull up one of my tomato plants this morning. It was pretty much dead. I left it to decompose in my garden. 
I think I’m going to let my parents plant my Fall plants in their garden so I can remineralize the soil in my garden over the Fall and winter seasons. I need to build my garden up some so my plants don’t drown if we get a lot of rain again next summer.
If you live in our area and are interested, we have some goats for sale. We just have too many and would like to see some of ours go to a good home. You can email me if you are interested. We have a couple of pieces of furniture for sale too, since I’m putting in a pitch. 🙂 We have a glass top dining table with 6 chairs and a computer desk. Again, email if you are interested.
We’ll get back to health later. If you have any organic gardening tips you would like to share, please feel free to do so. I have been listening to the Organic Gardener Podcast, which is very interesting and helpful. I highly recommend this podcast.
For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, email me at Have a healthy and blessed week! 🙂


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