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I wanted to jump on here real quick to see if I can get some suggestions from any of you regarding laundry. We make our own laundry detergent. We do our best to avoid toxic chemicals in our laundry and cleaning supplies. However, our white clothes look pretty dingy. Do any of you have suggestions for making whites white and stain removal for all laundry? If so, leave a comment or email me at
We’re excited about vacation! We have people who will be here caring for our animals and gardens. So, we can have a good time knowing all is safe and cared for on the farm. I’ll share photos and tell you about our trip next week. Until then, take care! 


2 thoughts on “Laundry 

  1. anitaleonard says:

    I think the old timers used bluing, but I don’t know what was in it. I think maybe they didn’t have white clothes much, since they didn’t really have the means to bleach them white to begin with.


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