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My Garden, Rain, & My Grandma’s Experience 

Happy Thursday y’all! Hope all is well with you and yours this week. We are excited to have had 2 full days with no rain this week! It’s nice to see the sun shine all day. It is still very hot, but Fall is just around the corner. I was jealous as I read the newsletter of a friend in Idaho who was picking blackberries in 90 degree weather, which she said was pleasant. She’s right, you can’t do that in the South. Not only do we have the heat and humidity, but we have poisonous snakes. She said she doesn’t have to worry about snakes either. So, Rhonda, if you’re reading this, you have some jealous friends in the South. 🙂
Due to the rain, my carrots died. They were so pretty and have done better than almost everything I planted. We pulled all but one up. They were rotten from too much water. I have more planted in containers for my Fall garden. My tomato plants are still producing, but the tomatoes are bursting because of the water. We have never had this much rain during the summer as far as I can remember. God knows what we need, so we really can’t complain.
My grandmother fell last Friday. She is eighty-three years old, but in great health. They have goats and were doing work on the barn. She tripped over an extension cord and fell flat on her face. My grandfather, who is eighty-four and also in good health, was able to get her back to the house. For forty-five minutes he worked to stop the bleeding. He wanted her to go to the ER and she didn’t want to go. She called my mom and we encouraged her to go have everything checked. I forgot to say, the bleeding was from her nose. 
We went to the ER where they put 7 stitches in a cut on her nose. Her glasses did a number on her face. They did a scan and said her nose and a sinus was broken. They told her she would have to come back to the hospital on Monday to see a doctor that would tell her what needed to be done. In the meantime, they gave her a prescription for an antibiotic. She ask the guy taking care of her, not sure of his designation, if she HAD to take them. She knows they aren’t good for her. He very rudely replied, “YES, you HAVE to take them!” He ask if she wanted something for pain. She told him no. He said, “The nurse will be in with some pain pills.” They made her take 3 pain pills after she said no. 
They told her she was going to be in a lot of pain on Saturday. They said her arm was going to hurt. They released her from the ER with her nose still bleeding some. I read later, that a person with a broken nose should never take Ibuprofen. This is one of the pills they gave her in the hospital and what they strongly recommended for her to take over the next few days. Do I have to tell you that I was livid by the time I left the ER, and especially after reading the info about Ibuprofen? I was reminded all over again why I’m in the natural health field.
And now, the rest of the story, my grandma did NOT get the antibiotic, nor did she get Ibuprofen. She immediately began taking very high doses of high quality Vitamin C. She also took a high quality probiotic. I mixed her a potion of Frankinsense and coconut oil to apply to the cuts and bruises. She never took a pain pill, she never needed one. She’s doing great! On Monday, the doctor told her he didn’t have to do anything. Only the tip of her nose was broken and the sinus wasn’t broken at all. She got the stitches out yesterday. She has been back to her normal routine since Sunday.
I am convinced more than ever that the natural way is truly the only way to have optimal health. Let the body do its job. God created the body to heal itself. I was going to talk about toxic teeth and breast cancer, but since I have gone so long on this, I will save it for another time. 
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3 thoughts on “My Garden, Rain, & My Grandma’s Experience 

  1. I’m glad your grandmother is smart enough to NOT listen to the propaganda of conventional medicine. While I believe doctors and nurses have a place, their place is certainly NOT to tell us what we HAVE to do. I’m glad she had you to help her with your natural medicine.

    So happy she is doing well. Thanks for sharing the experience.

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  2. anitaleonard says:

    I have only grown carrots one time, but they were wildly successful when I did. I put them in a raised bed where I have a peach tree and an apricot tree growing. This raised bed is made from bricks, and I put a fence around it to keep the chickens out, since they also like carrots. I left the carrots for 2 years, and they grew the sweetest, richest carrots I’ve ever had in my life.

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