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Tomatoes, Glyphosate, Monsanto, & the MS Ag Museum  

Happy Thursday y’all! Hope your week is going well. It is very hot here this week. If weather predictions are correct, we should get a little break in the heat next week. Hallelujah!!! 🙂 
I shared the photos of the 3 tomatoes I harvested last week. I actually harvested another one later in the week which wasn’t ripe, but it was very large and because we were getting a lot of rain, my mom said it would be best to pick it before it burst. I had several more tomatoes on my plants, including another large one I was watching. Monday I checked my tomatoes and my large tomato was gone. Yes, gone! In fact, several of my tomatoes were gone. We found a couple of them in the yard, but no trace of the big one. I picked the ones that were left, which was only one or two. Do I have to tell you that I wasn’t happy about this twist of events? I hope the squirrel or whatever it was, enjoyed its meal. 
I attempted to make tomato soup with the tomatoes I got. I wanted it to be whole and raw, so we didn’t peal the tomatoes, nor did we cook them. I put them in the Vitamix with a little goat milk, sea salt, and cayenne pepper and blended them. It tasted horrible! 🙂 I am going to work on it some more. I think I will have to cook it some and add more herbs and maybe some chicken broth. If you have suggestions, leave them in the comments section or email me.
I was going to share some information with you about Glyphosate and Monsanto. However, the article I read about this is so good that I am just going to share the link and let you do your own homework. It is an enlightening article by Dr Mercola. Here’s the link,, and the title is, “Chilling History of Monsanto’s Rise to Power.” It is definitely chilling!
My family and I visited the MS Agricultural and Forestry Museum in Jackson last Friday. They have an entire section of the museum devoted to crop dusters. I realize it is a part of MS past and present, but I was frustrated just the same at how we are being poisoned by pesticides, namely Glyphosate produced by Monsanto. Needless to say, I didn’t linger in this section of the museum.
The next section was equally as frustrating as they began to praise the nutritional value of MS farm raised catfish. Catfish has no nutritional value at all, especially if it is raised on food filled with harmful chemicals, steroids, antibiotics, and hormones. Catfish are bottom feeders, in other words, trash disposals. Again, we passed quickly through this section.
I need to do a whole article on catfish, pork, etc. God knew what He was doing when He gave His people the laws for clean and unclean animals. We’ll talk about that more later.
For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, email me at Have a healthy and blessed week! 🙂 


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