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Visit to Mansfield 

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Here at our homestead the garden is growing and beginning to produce. The canning is about to begin. My little garden is growing, but not producing yet. I don’t think it is getting enough sun, but hopefully it will produce soon. It is very hot here now. We have already seen ninety-three degree temps. That is good for the garden, but tough on the laborers in the garden.
My family and I and Miss Priss left Saturday for our visit to Mansfield, Missouri. We drove to Conway, Arkansas where we stayed Saturday night. Sunday morning we got on Highway 9, a scenic drive through the Ozark mountains. We twisted and turned our way all the way to Mountain View, Arkansas. We have visited Mountain View 2 or 3 times and really enjoy it. We wanted to revisit the old fashioned soda fountain and Melon’s Country Store, but since it was Sunday, everything was closed.
We twisted and turned our way on to Calico Rock, Arkansas. Here we had a picnic beside the White River and the railroad tracks where several years ago we took a scenic train ride from Mountain View to Calico Rock. We had our pictures taken in the HUGE rocking chair across the street. Again, because it was Sunday, everything was closed.
From Calico Rock we twisted and turned on into Missouri. We reached Ava, Missouri which is where we planned to stay. We decided to drive the thirteen miles on in to Mansfield to see if we could stay there. There was not really anything. So, we kind of scouted the town to make plans for Monday.
On our drive from Ava to Mansfield we saw a sign for a roadside park. We decided to stop and stretch our legs a bit. Little did we know, it was one of the coolest roadside parks ever. The creek flows across the road as you drive in to the park. By now you know my obsession with creeks. This was a very pretty place. The water was freezing cold. We fell in love with this neat little spot. 
On Monday morning we visited Baker’s Creek Seed Company. This is a very neat place I found when googling organic restaurants in Mansfield. The seed company has a pioneer village set up for tours. They have the seed store with only heirloom seeds, the old fashion bakery, the apothecary, the old fashion restaurant and hotel, etc. They have chickens, peacocks, goats, donkey, etc. They have herb gardens and huge vegetable gardens. Everything is heirloom and organic. The restaurant serves vegan food and it was delicious. Needless to say, I fell in love with this place. We bought a lot of seeds and got their catalog to order more. I hope to go back there some day.
Next we visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder home and museum. We had been there once before, but since then they have built a new museum and bookstore. They are planning to remove the old museum and bookstore and build a replica of the Wilder’s barn which stood in that spot when the Wilders lived there.The farm house is so neat. I really enjoyed it. We were also able to visit the Rock house that Rose built for her parents in 1928. They lived there for 8 years until they became homesick for the farmhouse. Laura wrote the first 4 Little House books in the Rock house. She wrote the remaining 5 in the farmhouse. We saw the desk where they were written. It’s all so neat.
We had extra time on Sunday to go visit the graves of the Wilders. We had planned to do this on Monday, but I’m glad we went earlier. We noticed little rocks and pennies laying all over the headstones of Laura, Almanzo, and Rose. I had no idea what that meant, but I also placed a rock on Laura’s headstone. I then googled it and found that it is a gesture of honor and respect. We also noticed pens on the headstone. I thought that was neat also, so on Monday, we bought pencils and went back and placed them on the headstone. Laura wrote the books with pencil and tablet (paper tablet, not IPad tablet). 🙂  
We started back toward home Monday evening. Along the way we stopped to visit Spring River in Arkansas. It’s a spring that pumps 9.7 million gallons of water per minute. It’s a neat place. 
We traveled home on the back roads. We like scenic roads. We got so scenic that it became gravel. 🙂 It was a neat drive.
We saw first hand why we choose to eat organic. We sat on the side of the road in the delta region of Mississippi and watched the chemical loaded tanker trucks come and load the airplanes who in turn go release the poisonous chemicals onto the crops. We. Even passed a Monsanto building. It will make you pretty angry to see this in action. 
I’m going to try to post photos in order of what I have written. Hope you have enjoyed our trip. I highly recommend Mansfield if you are looking for a relaxing trip back in time. 
For more information on Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment email me at Have a healthy and blessed week! 🙂


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