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Gardening, Abbreviations, & Paleo 

Happy Thursday to everyone! I hope you are having a great week. We have had beautiful weather this week, but in true Mississippi style, it is getting really hot and humid. 
We were finally able to get my cucumbers, broccoli, kale, and carrots in the ground today! I will share a photo when they grow big enough for you to see. My tomatoes are looking great and growing. My peppers finally sprouted and look good. They aren’t in the ground yet. 
In regard to last week’s post, my mom and I had this huge discussion on the proper abbreviation of the word “tablespoon.” I was taught that tablespoon was represented with an upper case T, while teaspoon was represented by a lower case t. I looked the abbreviation up before publishing the post and found tablespoon abbreviated as TSP. That’s what I used. Mom said it should be abbreviated as TB. So, if you were in any way confused by my recipes, I meant tablespoon. 🙂 
Wee had our first “mashed potatoes” made from cauliflower this week. It was quite interesting to say the least.My mom didn’t tell us what it was, but after my first bite I knew. It tasted ok, but I will have to get used to the texture. Also, it needed to be a bit thicker. 
I gave my mom Danielle Walker’s book “Against All Grain” for Mother’s Day. We have enjoyed several recipes from it this week already. I highly recommend this book if you like the paleo diet. I’m very impressed with it. It seems to be dairy, sugar, gluten free which I whole heartedly endorse. 
I hope you have a great rest of the week. For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, email me at Have a healthy and blessed week! 🙂 


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