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Cleanse Completed 

I wanted to jump on here real quick today to let you know how the cleanse went. I feel it was a success. This was my first cleanse, and I didn’t know what to expect. There were really no great surprises though. 
I used a cleanse from Global Healing Center called Liver Shield and another called Deep Cleanse. I also had to take Oxy Powder also from GHC. 
Beginning Monday morning at 8am, we ate the suggested breakfast of watermelon. At 9am, we drank 8oz of Liver Shield. The Liver Shield was poured into a gallon of distilled water. At 10am, we had 12oz of ACV water and a suggested snack of walnuts. At 12pm, we had 8oz of Liver Shield. At 1pm, we had a suggested lunch of steamed broccoli. At 3pm, we had 8oz of Liver Shield. At 4pm, we had a suggested snack of walnuts and 12oz ACV water. At 6pm, we had 8oz of Liver Shield. At 7pm, we had a suggested dinner of steamed cabbage. We had a list of foods for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. This routine continued until Thursday.
On Thursday morning at 8am, I had watermelon. At 12pm, I had Liver Cleanse Soup. At 2pm, I had walnuts for a snack. At 7:30pm, I drank 8oz Epson Salt water. At 8:30pm, I drank 6oz Olive oil. At that point I had to go to bed and lay on my right side with my knees pulled to my stomach for 30 minutes. After that, I could stretch out and go to sleep. This was the liver flush. 
Friday morning, I had to eat watermelon and take 6 oxy powder capsules. By the way, I forgot to say that I had to take 6 oxy powder capsules every night before retiring. Back to Friday, at 12pm, I had to eat more liver cleanse soup. For dinner, I could have a salad and a little protein.That was the end.
Now, let me say, this cleanse is not for everyone. My mom’s blood pressure spiked really high on the third day. She had already been experiencing heart palpitations from the first day. After the very high blood pressure spike on Wednesday, I strongly insisted she discontinue the cleanse. She has had prior issues with A-Fib and we did not want to invite trouble. So, be sure you read all the information if you choose to do this cleanse.
I did great. I had a slight headache a couple of days, but peppermint essential oil took care of that. I have also had some lower back pain. I feel that will resolve itself in time. Overall, it was very interesting and challenging. I lost 8.2 pounds. That’s about all I have to say about it for now. If you have questions, let me know. I will chat again on Thursday. Take care.


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