Healthy Living

Anita’s Story

I hope everyone has had a healthy and blessed week! This week, I would like to share Anita’s story with you.
Anita came to me in early 2015, with female issues. She menstruated about once a year. She was thirty-six at the time and she really wanted to have a baby.
I had three or four sessions with her, removing an enormous number of trapped emotions, getting her on the right supplements, and adjusting her diet. I even used a therapeutic grade magnet (by Nikken) to open her conception meridian.
I believe my last session with Anita was in September or October 2015. At that time she had begun menstruating. I talked to her on the telephone Monday evening, and her cycle is regular and her total health is much improved. We are just waiting to see what comes next.👶🏼☺️
For more information about Homestead Nutrition or to make an appointment, email me at God bless and have a happy and healthy week!


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