Healthy Living

LeAnn’s Story

I hope you have had a great and healthy week. I would like to share LeAnn’s story with you this week.
LeAnn is sixteen and has had some female issues for a couple of years. From August 2014, to August 2015, she did not menstruate. I began seeing her in March 2015, and discovered that she may have been dealing with poly-ovarian cysts.
I released numerous trapped emotions and corrected many imbalances and misalignments. I also evaluated her diet and tested for needed supplements.
After five or six visits, she finally menstruated in August 2015. As long as she does what her body indicated it needs, she is well. If she goes back to the conventional way of life, the problem reoccurs.
This situation indicates the extreme importance of living a healthy life, eating a healthy diet, and taking proper supplementation. God did not create our bodies to be a junk food disposal. He gave us everything we need to maintain our health. When we stray from His diet plan, we begin to have problems.
In conclusion, I would like to ask you to pray for my friend, Tammy, who will be having surgery tomorrow. I am sure she would appreciate your prayers.
For more information about Homestead Nutrition, email me at Have a very healthy week!


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