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Mom’s Story – Freedom From Prescription Drugs

Hello on a Wednesday! I am writing a day earlier than normal since I will be busy celebrating my thirty-eighth birthday tomorrow. I want to share my mom’s story of becoming independent of all prescription drugs over the past year.
My mom has battled high blood pressure for the past twenty plus years. In 2014, we began weening off the blood pressure meds. In January of 2015, she was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. She was injected with radiation for testing as well as given blood thinning meds and beta blockers. All of this badly damaged her stomach. However, the doctors used their scarrrre tactics on her and she was afraid not to take the drugs. 
As soon as she was released from the hospital, we visited our holistic doctor for a natural view of the situation. He was very helpful and got us on the right path. The stomach problems continued throughout the year. We are just getting a handle on this part of it.
After the visit to the holistic doctor I began to take over her case. By adjusting her diet and supllements and releasing trapped emotions, etc., she is prescription drug free and her stomach is much better, and in fact, almost well. Her blood pressure is in a healthy range and her heart is great.
For more information or to make an appointment, email me at I would love to help you overcome your situations as well. You can live a happy and healthy life free from sickness and drugs!


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